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Can VHF be used with a repeater?

Can VHF be used with a repeater?

The nominal range of each repeater is 80km, but this will vary from repeater to repeater and it should also be noted that as VHF is essentially “line of sight”, some areas of coastline might be in a shadow zone….Volunteer Coast Radio Stations.

Location Channel Number Monitored by:
Mt Maria` 16 Tas Maritime Radio

Where can I get a ham radio repeater near me?

How to Choose a Repeater

  1. Ask Local Hams. The first place to check for repeater recommendations is with local hams that are active on VHF/UHF FM.
  2. Search The Internet. Another useful approach is to do an Internet search on “amateur radio repeater” and your location (name of city or town).
  3. Listen.
  4. Making a Contact.

Are repeaters UHF or VHF?

Repeaters strengthen and sustain both UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) signals, especially in rugged terrain and over water. Most repeaters available for businesses today use UHF frequencies. A repeater uses two frequencies, a transmit frequency and a receive frequency .

How often does a repeater have to identify?

* You must identify your station with your call sign every ten minutes and at the end of a conversation. While the FCC rules no longer require that you identify at the beginning of a conversation, it is common courtesy to do so.

Can I set up my own ham repeater?

The regulations for an amateur radio repeater are fairly minimal. To answer your specific questions: “Does one need a particular license?” Your license must permit transmissions on the repeater output frequency. That is, general or higher for 10m, technician or higher for higher frequency bands.

What are the VHF repeater channels?

There are four VHF repeater channels available (VHF 21, 22, 80, 81 & 82) and repeater stations are located along the NSW coast to provide extended radio coverage.

How do VHF repeaters work?

How does it work? A repeater receives the radio signal on one frequency and simultaneously transmits the same signal on another frequency. Typically, a repeater is placed in a location where it can have a virtual line of sight to all radios in the system.