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Can you earn cosmetics in Planetside 2?

Can you earn cosmetics in Planetside 2?

Most cosmetics are acquired solely through purchase with Daybreak Cash, whether directly or from Store Bundles, however a select amount of cosmetics are also unlocked upon completion of certain Directives, or available for purchase with Merit.

How do you get Synthium in Planetside 2?

Synthium. ) is an uncommon outfit resource. It is earned through holding major facilities, such as Amp Stations, or through Expeditions.

Where do I spend merits in Planetside 2?

Merit is a new currency type that can be earned by completing meritorious actions (base capture or control) with your Outfit, and can be spent at Outfit Vendors on Sanctuary.

How do you get a colossus tank?

The Colossus Heavy Tank is a global war asset available to outfits. It is crafted using 15 Polystellarite, with a crafting time of 30 minutes, and can only be spawned at warpgates and tech plants.

How do you spawn lodestar in Planetside 2?

It is unlocked upon completion of the Competitive Advantage event during chapter 1 of the Distant Shores campaign. The dropship can be spawned at any air terminal, although it cannot be remotely spawned via the map screen.

How do you get helmets in Planetside 2?

The Infantry Helmets is a cosmetic items for infantry classes that can be bought in depot for Daybreak Cash or earned for completing class Directives.

Where is my a7 ps2?

the terminals are not the terminals that we’re used too, they’re the ones that look like desks with screens, you’ll see them scattered in pretty much every building on all of the bases. there are long tables and short tables, both can have the a7. interact with the glowing light to get your a7!

Where can I spend my merit?

Jubilife Village
Merit Points can be spent at the Trading Outpost in Jubilife Village in the top right portion of the village. This can be used after completing four missions in the game’s main story.