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Can you have a ribbon eel in a reef tank?

Can you have a ribbon eel in a reef tank?

Ribbon Eels in Aquariums Ribbon eels should only be kept by the most advanced aquarist due to their special care requirements. It is not recommended to house a ribbon eel with other tankmates. Instead, keep them in a dedicated aquarium ideally a 55g tank or bigger.

How many gallons does a blue ribbon eel need?

The Ribbon eel, Rhinomuraena quaesita, requires a minimum tank volume of at least 55-gallons, although larger volumes would be even better. They will grow to 4-feet in total length, but will spend most of their time coiled up behind rocks in the aquarium, which is why they do not require large volumes of water.

Are blue ribbon eels reef safe?

The Blue Ribbon Eel is born hermaphrodites and go through color change as it becomes male. It grows up to 50 inch and should be kept in a tank not less than 75 gallon. The Blue Ribbon Eel might bother sessile invertebrates and other corals, that is why it is considered reef safe but with caution.

How big do ribbon eels get?

one meter / 3.3 feet
Commonly known as the ribbon eel, or blue ribbon eel, these colorful animals are actually a species of moray eel. Depending on the stage of the ribbon eel’s life it may appear black, blue and or yellow. They grow to one meter / 3.3 feet in length and can live up to 20 years in the wild.

How much does a ribbon eel cost?

Item # Description Price
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Are ribbon eels electric?

Ribbon Eel Colour & Gender Phases: Blue Phase (male): As the eel matures the black changes to a bright, electric blue with an equally vivid yellow dorsal fin; this marks the male stage of the ribbon eel’s life cycle.

How long do ribbon eels live?

20 years old
Unlike most species, ribbon eels tend to live long lives in the wild – they often reach 20 years old if left to their own devices. But in captivity, they only survive for a couple of years, with many in the pet trade dying after just one month in an aquarium or tank.

How much does a blue ribbon eel cost?

Do ribbon eels eat shrimp?

What is this? Ribbon Eels are actually safe with corals, anemones, and nearly all invertebrates. The smallest of shrimp species may trigger a feeding response. But larger shrimp should be safe since these eels strongly prefer eating fish.

Are ribbon eels aggressive?

As with moray eels, divers often mistake ribbon eels as being aggressive as they are commonly seen with their mouths opening and closing in what could be interpreted as a threatening manner when they are in fact just breathing.

Are ribbon eels rare?

The Ribbon Eel spawns in Summer, and is pretty rare.

Can you buy a ribbon eel?

The Blue Ribbon Eel for sale is a very finicky eater, and can be difficult to get to start eating in the beginning. It is much more slim and has a very unique face….Blue Ribbon Eel for sale – Quick Facts.

Size : up to 24 inches
Reef Safe: Monitor
Coral Safe : Yes
Invertebrate Safe : No
Minimum Tank Size : 60+ Gallons