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Can you mix stick insects together?

Can you mix stick insects together?

In general the more common species of stick insect can be kept together, though if you are breeding more difficult species then it pays to use separate cages to create individual requirements.

Can 2 stick insects live together?

Housing. Many species of stick insect can be kept together, but different bulky or pinching stick insects may harm each other. Stick insects should be kept indoors at living room temperatures or slightly above. Greenhouses may well be too hot.

Can you house leaf insects together?

So, it is best to keep leaf insect species in a single setup without other species. Never tried to keep different leaf insect species together, but because they are so delicate and fragile, I rather keep them in a single species only set up.

Do stick insects eat each other?

If stick insects are not given enough space they may fight with and eat other stick insects that are being kept with them.

What bugs can you keep together?

Millipedes and cockroaches — can they be housed together. At the basics, they can, but there is a big BUT. First, they can thrive in the same environment. They don’t need another climate or furniture to be both happy.

Do stick insects regrow legs?

Young stick insects can regrow legs the next time they moult, but a fully grown adult can’t.

How long do stick bugs live?

They reach maturity between three months and one year, and usually live up to two years. More than 3,000 species of stick insect exist, many of which are susceptible to habitat destruction, pesticide use, and collection for the pet trade.

How many stick insects can I keep together?

The larger the enclosure the more stick insects you can keep. The general rule to keep a small group of max 6 adult stick insects is three times the adult body length in height and two times the adult body length in width.

How many stick insects should I get?

Which type of enclosure you could us is stated here. The cage of your stick insect should be at least 3 times the body length of the insect in height and 2 times the body length in width. If you keep more than one stick insect, you have to add some space for each one of them, preferably in width of the tank.

How to keep stick insects alone?

The truth is there’s nothing you really have to do to keep a stick insect on its own. Insects are not like dogs and cats, where they require ample amounts of socialisation with both humans and other animals. On the contrary, stick insects are perfectly happy alone. All they need is a constant supply of fresh food.

Can stick insects be kept as pets?

Keeping stick insects as pets can be great fun for everyone. Some species are very easy to keep, while others pose more of a challenge to the real insect enthusiast. For everyone there is a nice species to keep, but all species require care. This page will take you through all the basics of caring for any stick insect species.

Can You house two stick insects in an enclosure?

So you can perfectly house a single stick insect in an enclosure, and therefore you can also combine two individuals from different species together. It can be even the best way to start when you want to combine two species (also to experiment with combining two species). The benefit is that you don’t need such a large enclosure.

What happens if you combine stick insects?

For example, the giant spiny stick insect from New Guinea has spikes on its back legs, which it uses to fight off predators. During conflicts between stick insects it can also engage these spikes, possibly leading to more damage than expected. You may not want to combine species like this for this reason.