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Did Jack FM change their format?

Did Jack FM change their format?

On November 17, 2015, KFMB-FM dropped its regular Jack FM programming and began stunting with all-Christmas music as “Jack Frost”; the station launched a mainstream rock format on January 4, 2016.

What are the call letters for Kiss FM?


Los Angeles, California
Call sign meaning Carried over from KIIS (1150 AM), now KEIB; “IIS” is visibly similar to the abbreviated “115(0)” frequency position and phonetically similar to “KISS”
Technical information
Facility ID 19218
Class B

What format do radio stations play music?

Which Audio File Format Is Best For Broadcast Radio? The best audio file format for broadcasting on the radio is MP2. Audio quality standards are essential factors in radio production. Therefore, broadcast sound engineers need to comply with the standards to reach a broader audience.

Why do radio stations change formats?

Radio station programmers constantly tweak their formats to respond to changing tastes in music. A pop hits station may evolve toward classic rock or adult contemporary to hit a slightly older audience, which advertisers may prefer.

Why do stations start with W or K?

Following a practice inaugurated in 1912 when the federal government first licensed radio stations, beginning in 1921 broadcasting stations have generally been assigned call signs beginning with “K” when their community of license is located in the west, and with “W” in the east.

What are station formats?

What’s a Radio Station Format? Simply put, a radio station format is a template for the overall content a radio station broadcasts. They can be tailor-made by music taste, interest, or advertising demographic. Typically, a radio station’s format is defined by the music or content the station plays.

What file type is radio?

A lossless audio file format is the best format for sound quality. These include FLAC, WAV, or AIFF. These types of files are considered “hi-res” because they are better or equal to CD-quality.

What are the different types of radio formats?


  • Announcements : These are specifically written clear messages to inform.
  • Radio talk : The radio talk probably is the oldest format on radio.
  • Radio interviews:
  • Radio discussions :-
  • Radio documentaries/features:
  • Radio drama:
  • Running commentaries :
  • Magazine programmes :

Is Kiss FM changing its format?

“There will be no format change today, but starting right now, 106.1 is under construction.” Asked about other changes listeners can expect beyond the morning show, Dove said in an email that the station is still reviewing “our operations and programming.” The shake-up at KISS FM is the latest in series of moves at local iHeartMedia affiliates.

When did Kiss FM start in Australia?

Midwest Radio Network introduced the Kiss FM brand into Australia when it launched Kiss FM 95.3 in 1997. The 95.3 frequency was subsequently reclaimed by the Australian broadcasting regulator and auctioned off for $106 million in exchange for allowing Midwest to extend its service area into the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Can You Help Kiss FM find a new morning-show host?

The longtime Seattle morning-show host is out, as the station offers a $10,000 prize for anyone who can help find his replacement. Changes are coming to 106.1 KISS FM, one of Seattle’s two major Top 40 stations.

Is Kiss FM a registered trademark?

In 1997, Country Club Communications registered the only current federal trademark for “KISS FM” (which has since also been assigned to iHeartMedia); the logo registered then included a stylized pair of lips.