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Did Max Bygraves have a catchphrase?

Did Max Bygraves have a catchphrase?

The veteran entertainer Max Bygraves, whose catchphrase “I wanna tell you a story” endured for more than six decades, has died at his home in Australia. He was 89.

What did Max Bygraves died from?

Alzheimer’s diseaseMax Bygraves / Cause of death

Bygraves was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2010, and he died from complications of this illness at his daughter’s home in Australia on the evening of 31 August 2012.

Was Max Bygraves married?

Blossom MurrayMax Bygraves / Spouse (m. 1942–2011)

Is Max Bygraves still alive?

August 31, 2012Max Bygraves / Date of death

What was Max Bygraves real name?

Walter William Bygraves
He was born Walter William Bygraves into a large family in Rotherhithe, south-east London, to Henry Bygraves, a prizefighter who became a docker, and his wife, Lilian.

Who said that’s a good idea son?

Max Bygraves later played Archie’s tutor, with the catchphrases “I’ve arrived, and to prove it, I’m here” and “That’s a good idea son!”.

Did Max Bygraves own the rights to Oliver?

Like many variety big earners, Bygraves was sometimes taken for a ride but he also made some shrewd business decisions. His company Lakeview Music bought the rights to Lionel Bart’s musical Oliver! for £350 and Bygraves made a fortune when he sold them on for £250,000.

What nationality is Max Bygraves?

BritishMax Bygraves / Nationality

Where did Max Bygraves live in Australia?

Hope Island, Queensland
Max Bygraves, the English comedian, presenter and variety performer, has died at his home in Australia at the age of 89. The veteran entertainer died peacefully in his sleep at home in Hope Island, Queensland, on Friday night, his agent said.

What age is Max Bygraves?

89 years (1922–2012)Max Bygraves / Age at death

What age is Tommy Steele?

85 years (December 17, 1936)Tommy Steele / Age

How much money did Lionel Bart make from Oliver?

In 1968 Oliver! was made into a movie starring Ron Moody, Oliver Reed and Shani Wallis that won several Oscars, including best film. It is estimated that around this time Bart was earning 16 pounds a minute from Oliver! Bart’s next two musicals, Blitz!

What are some of the best songs by Max Bygraves?

Max BygravesSong list Big Head(1953) Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be(1960) Gilly, Gilly, Ossenfeffer, Katzenellen Bogen By The Sea(1954) Tulips From Amsterdam(1958) You Need Hands(1958) You’re A Pink Toothbrush(1960)

What is Max Bygraves real name?

Max Bygraves. Walter William Bygraves OBE (16 October 1922 – 31 August 2012), best known by the stage name Max Bygraves, was an English comedian, singer, actor and variety performer.

What does Max Bygraves do for a living?

He then became a messenger for W S Crawfords, an advertising agency at 233 High Holborn before serving as a fitter in the Royal Air Force in the Second World War and working as a carpenter. He changed his name to Max Bygraves in honour of comedian Max Miller.

When did Kacey Bygraves host family fortunes?

From 1983 to 1985, Bygraves hosted Family Fortunes, taking over from his friend and fellow comedian Bob Monkhouse. He would later be succeeded as host in 1987 by Les Dennis. From 1972, Bygraves recorded a series of albums, Sing Along With Max (later Singalongamax ), in which he sang medleys of familiar songs aimed at an older audience.