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Did Shutterfly get rid of custom path?

Did Shutterfly get rid of custom path?

We have recently discontinued support for the old version of Simple Path. If you try to edit a project created using this path, you will see the following message: “The creation path your project was made in is no longer supported. However, we will create a copy of this project for you in our NEW Simple Path.

What is custom path on Shutterfly?

Now when developing a photo book via Shutterfly, customers have two options: a simple path that just lays out all of your photos chronologically, and an all-new Custom Path, which allows users to fully customize each page of the album.

How do I change my custom path on Shutterfly?

To switch from a Simple Path to a Custom Path project:

  1. Hover over the Project tab, just below the Shutterfly logo.
  2. Choose Switch to Custom Path from the drop down menu, about half way down.

How do you get more layouts on Shutterfly?

Go to the Layouts tab on your palette and click on a layout tile to add it to your selected page. Layouts are categorized by the number of photos displayed. If you want to use a different number of pictures on the page than the current layout allows, click the numbers just above the palette to see more layout options.

Does Shutterfly still have Storyboard?

Shutterfly | Photo Book Storyboard™ tool. Our Storyboard™ tool makes it easy to organize the pictures you want to use in your photo book. Find the Storyboard™ tool under Pages in the photo book process. Simply drag your photos from the left to the Storyboard on the right.

Does Shutterfly still have storyboard?

What is better than Shutterfly?

Snapfish Photo Books Review This vendor also offers more binding options than Shutterfly, giving customers the choice of layflat hardcover binding, linen hardcover, leather hardcover, classic softcover, and more. You also have the option to upgrade to a matte cover for less glare and a smoother finish.

Does Shutterfly still have advanced editing?

To open Advanced editing mode, click the “Advanced editing” link in the upper right corner (under the Add to Cart button). Adding embellishments, a new text or photo box will automatically put you into Advanced editing mode.

Does Shutterfly own your photos?

Yes, they are private, and can not be viewed by anyone who has not received an email sharing notification from you. Please see our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Is Mixbook better than Shutterfly?

Mixbook handily won this nine-round contest, beating Shutterfly outright when it came to print quality, ease of use, templates and photo-editing tools. There’s a reason it’s our favorite site for online printing of photo books, calendars and cards.