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Do you need special mags for 458 SOCOM?

Do you need special mags for 458 SOCOM?

458 SOCOM rounds will fit in standard 5.56 magazines for the AR-15. In general, the . 458 is reliable in metal GI, but not so much in polymer magazines like those by Lancer or Magpul.

Does 458 SOCOM use a 5.56 barrel?

A rifle or carbine in . 458 SOCOM differs only in the barrel and bolt, sharing all other common parts with a . 223/5.56 rifle. While a gun owner can buy or build a rifle in the caliber, he or she can also simply buy or build an upper receiver in .

What is 458 SOCOM good for?

458 SOCOM is as a hunting round. The sheer amount of energy delivered by the heavy round is adequate for all large North American game animals, from moose to elk to bear. The round is perfectly serviceable for wild pigs and deer but overkill for animals smaller than a hundred pounds.

How many 458 SOCOM rounds fit in a mag?

458 SOCOM, rounds “single stack” without any modification to the standard GI magazine feed lips or follower. A standard 20-round 5.56mm NATO magazine can hold seven . 458 SOCOM rounds and a standard 30-round 5.56mm NATO magazine can hold ten .

How far will a 458 SOCOM shoot?

458 SOCOM rounds and has more than enough bullet energy, penetration, and expansion for excellent stopping power for medium size game out to 300 yards.

Who makes the best 458 SOCOM barrels?

Faxon Firearms is one of the top-leading manufacturers that deliver value for the best 458 SOCOM barrels. The 16-inch Gunner Big Bole Profile Barrel is a hundred percent in-house from the cradle to the grave.

What kind of magazine is a 458 SOCOM?

This .458 SOCOM magazine sits pretty close to the classic military-issue USGI steel mags on the market, which makes it incredibly attractive to the eye. In terms of durability, the C Products Defense 458 SOCOM – 10 Round magazine is constructed from corrosion-proof materials.

What is the best barrel for a SOCOM rifle?

The 458 SOCOM barrel features a lightweight contour and a sleek silver color with a stainless finish. It looks good on any rifle with its aesthetics, but most importantly, it uses 416 R Stainless for the construction material for extended durability. 4. Faxon Firearms 16 inch Gunner Big Bore Profile