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Does Cignal have monthly payment?

Does Cignal have monthly payment?

*For Postpaid HD Lite, lock-in period is 24 months….

PLAN 290 1st Box 2nd/3rd* Box
Activation Fee 1,000 230
Installation Fee (Min) 1,000 500/box*
Total Initial Cash-Out 2,000 730/box
Total Monthly Recurring Fee 290 230/box

Can prepaid Cignal convert to postpaid?

Can I convert my Cignal Prepaid Kit to Postpaid? Prepaid accounts can be converted to Postpaid. Conversion of some Cignal Prepaid Kits may however require change of the digital box, subject to applicable fees.

How can I use Cignal prepaid with CCA number?

When you have located your CCA No. or SMART CARD number use only a SMART/TNT/Sun subscriber SIM and Text CIGNAL SC <12-digit CCA or smart card number> to 5353 and a reply message will give you your prepaid account no. Standard SMS rates apply.

What will happen if I will not pay my Cignal subscription?

Non-payment. CIGNAL shall have the right to temporarily disconnect (or permanently disconnect for persistent payment failures) the Service if the Subscriber fails to pay in full his account within five (5) days after its due date.

How much is Cignal a month?


Cignal Kit 2,990 5,980
Advanced Monthly Service Fee (MSF) 255 355
Installation Fee (minimum) 1,000 1,500

Does Cignal have Netflix?

IN an effort to further strengthen its presence in the digital stratosphere, Cignal Entertainment, the original production unit of Cignal TV, is partnering with American streaming giant Netflix and is investing P100 million annually over the next two years to produce more original content.

How can I get my cignal account number from CCA?

You can inquire your account number through our text facility. Just text CIGNAL SC(space)(12-digit smart card number) and send to 5353. For Cardless box, just text CIGNAL(space)SC(space)(CCA number) and send to 5353.

How many digit is cignal prepaid account number?

8 digits
If you are a Postpaid subscriber, you will have a 10 digit account number, but if you subscribe to Prepaid, account number is 8 digits and below. Hope this will help.

What is included in cignal 300?

Just load 300 and enjoy up to 82 channels on Cignal including HBO HD (CH 210), eGG network (CH 99) & Cartoon Network (CH 74)! Load via our Load Retailers, SMART Pasaload, and online partners today.

How many channels are there in cignal plan 290?

61 awesome channels
Enjoy 61 awesome channels, access to Cignal Play, Channel add-ons and a lifetime box warranty with Cignal PostPaid Plan 290!