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Does feign mean fake?

Does feign mean fake?

1. To take on or give a false appearance of: affect, assume, counterfeit, fake, pretend, put on, sham, simulate.

Is feign a synonym?

Some common synonyms of feign are affect, assume, counterfeit, pretend, sham, and simulate. While all these words mean “to put on a false or deceptive appearance,” feign implies more artful invention than pretend, less specific mimicry than simulate.

What type of word is feign?

To give a mental existence to something that is not real or actual; to imagine; to invent; to pretend; to form and relate as if true. “He feigned that he had gone home at the appointed time.”

What is a good sentence for fiend?

Fiend sentence example The fiend who did that is still out there; the one who killed those children and police officer and God knows who else! But even then the foul fiend kept the letter of his compact. Born in 1989, the self-professed “music fiend ” is following in his father’s footsteps.

How do you feign surprise?

Feigned surprise is when you act surprised when someone doesn’t know something. Responding with surprise in this situation makes people feel bad for not knowing things and less likely to ask questions in the future, which makes it harder for them to learn.

What does feigned mean?

adjective. pretended; sham; counterfeit: feigned enthusiasm. assumed; fictitious: a feigned name.

What is the best synonym for feigned?

synonyms for feigned

  • affected.
  • assumed.
  • counterfeit.
  • fabricated.
  • fake.
  • faked.
  • imagined.
  • pretended.

What does feigning love mean?

Egeus is accusing Lysander of having sung to Hermia with a “feigning” (soft) voice, verses of “feigning” (deceitful) love. But feigning can also have a third meaning: affectionate. So Egeus’ statement could be interpreted as saying that Lysander has merely been expressing his affectionate love for Hermia.

How do you use dote in a sentence?

Dote sentence example They make good parents and will dote on their children. They need signs that will be sociable and dote on them. Who will brush your silken coat And who on you will simply dote?

What is the sentence of believe?

Examples of believe in a Sentence He says he’ll help us, but I don’t believe what he says. They were tricked into believing that he was a doctor. He says he’ll help us, but I don’t believe him. She went to church because her family expected it, but she didn’t really believe.

Can you feign ignorance?

Description. If the other person wants to talk about something and you do not, then you can sometimes shorten the conversation (or even kill it stone dead) by pretending that you know little or nothing about the subject. This is particularly useful when they are seeking information from you.