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Does Mike and Ike still make ZOURS?

Does Mike and Ike still make ZOURS?

Unfortunately, due to limited interest from retailers and consumers, MIKE AND IKE SOUR-licious ZOURS have been discontinued. We’re sorry for your disappointment. If you’re still looking for something sour, try our MIKE AND IKE MEGA MIX SOUR! Believe it or not I was still buying these until mid 2020.

Did ZOURS get discontinued?

Sadly, SOUR-LICIOUS ZOURS have been discontinued. The decision to discontinue a product is always very difficult and based on a variety of business reasons. We’re sorry for any disappointment; but if you’re still looking for something SOUR be sure to try our MIKE AND IKE Mega Mix Sour!

Why are ZOURS discontinued?

Unfortunately, due to limited interest from retailers and consumers, ZOURS have been discontinued.

Who makes Zours candy?

Mike and Ike Zours
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Who made Zours?

Mike and Ike – Zours – Intense Fruit – Candies | Ami Haim Candies.

What happened to Mike and Ike candy?

Now Mike and Ike, the brand of chewy fruit-flavored candies, is announcing its pair is separating, and hoping the development captures the interest of younger consumers. Packaging that began appearing in stores recently has logos with either “Ike” or “Mike” scribbled out, as if by a felt-tip marker.

What’s the sourest candy?

Toxic Waste
1. Toxic Waste. Buckle up for the sourest candy in the world! These super fun sour candies are sold in novelty “toxic waste” drums, complete with neon toxic sludge dripping over the top.

Are Mike and Ike a couple?

Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. There’s trouble in candy land. After more than 70 years together, Mike & Ike are calling it quits. The duo is staging a gay divorce as part of a new ad campaign to draw in younger customers.

What is Mike and Ike short for?

Other proposals include a company-wide contest, the creators’ names being Mike and Ike, a vaudeville song titled “Mike and Ike”, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose nickname was “Ike.” Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company in 1953 and produced new flavors of the candy, such as cotton candy.

Are Mike and Ike sours the same as ZOURS?

That is how possibly thousands of people, if not more, feel having lost their favorite candy in the whole world, ZOURS. Just Born, the parent company of Mike and Ike Brand candy, discontinued production of the beloved “ZOURS” line or “Mike and Ike Brand Sour-Licious ZOURS” in December of 2020.