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Does MyCiTi go to UCT?

Does MyCiTi go to UCT?

MyCiTi | MyCiTi bus service integrates with UCT Jammie shuttle service.

Does MyCiTi bus go to Khayelitsha?

MyCiTi is excited to announce the restart of our N2 Express routes from Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain to the Cape Town CBD from 19 February 2022.

Does MyCiTi go to Claremont?

Phase 2A is underway The next major phase of MyCiTi – known as Phase 2A – is currently underway in the most densely populated part of Cape Town. A major transport corridor will link town centres in Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain with Claremont and Wynberg.

Does MyCiTi go to Canal Walk?

MyCiti Bus Route at Canal Walk With the current success of the MyCiTi Bus rapid transport system many Cape Townians had or is making use of the easy and reliable way of commuting. With routes all over town the City of Cape Town has made sure that it’s safer to get to work and to get you to your destination on time.

Is MyCiTi bus safe?

A safer journey Security staff at stations, CCTV cameras monitored by a control centre, closed stations and lighting at bus stops are all measures that help make MyCiTi safer.

Does MyCiTi bus go to Goodwood?

The 109 is the first Bus that goes to MyCiti bus – Camps Bay in Goodwood.

Does MyCiTi bus go to Century City?

On 1 August 2015, MyCiTi will introduce a direct link between Dunoon and Century City via Omuramba station and six new stations will open, bringing safe, reliable and affordable public transport to more Capetonians.

How much does a MyCiTi card cost?

Get your myconnect card for R35 from MyCiTi station kiosks or participating retailers, load your card with money for travel and enjoy convenient, quality public transport to get around CapeTown.

How do I load my MyCiTi card?

To top up your card, insert your myconnect card, enter your PIN and deposit the required amount of cash into the cash-accepting slot when prompted to do so. Passengers can also use the cash-accepting ATMs to load money as MyCiTi Standard.

Can you pay cash on MyCiTi?

Pay by cash or card and enjoy discounted fares at all times of the day, including peak hours.

Where can I top up MyCiTi?

Top up with ATMs The only trick with these machines is that you must insert the exact amount in notes. There are 34 cash-accepting Absa ATMs in the vicinity of MyCiTi routes across Cape Town – once you get the hang of it, it is a quick and easy way of topping up,’ said Councillor Herron.

Can I pay with cash on a MyCiTi bus?

Where are the MyCiTi bus routes in Cape Town?

The MyCiTi has 42 Bus routes in Cape Town with 773 Bus stops. Their Bus routes cover an area from the North (Malmesbury) with a stop at Denne West to the South (Mitchells Plain) with a stop at Kapteinsklip.Their most western stop is Hangberg (Wynberg) and the most eastern stop is Dibana (Mitchells Plain). Do you work for MyCiTi? Partner with us!

How do I get to the Civic Centre in Cape Town?

Travelling from the Salt River railway station (a central Cape Town rail point), it moves through Woodstock, Walmer Estate, Zonnebloem and District Six, and passes by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, The Castle and the Cape Town Rail Station before reaching the Civic Centre and linking up with existing MyCiTi routes.

How do I use my MyCiTi card to ride the bus?

Once you have your card, you can then use it to ride the bus. MyCiti bus routes run across the city including the city centre, the peninsula, and Northern suburbs. There is also a bus that runs from the City Centre to the Airport, which is very convenient and affordable when compared to other transport options.

How do I get from Mitchells Plain to Cape Town Civic Centre?

This option is an express service designed to transport people from Mitchells Plain to the Cape Town Civic Centre quickly and efficiently.. The route starts just off Third Avenue and runs down AZ Berman Drive, along the Cape Flats Road and onto the N2, before ending its journey at the Civic Centre and returning along the same path.