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How are seats numbered at FedEx Field?

How are seats numbered at FedEx Field?

FedExField Seat Numbers Seats in each row start with the No. 1 and that seat is the one closest to the previous section. For example, in Section 132, Seat No. 1 would be the seat closest to Section 131.

What sections are club seats at FedEx Field?

The Club Level escalators, located at Section 101 and Section 122, are available to Guests with a Club, Dream Seats, Loge, Suite or Owner’s Club ticket. An escalator which accesses the Upper Level is located to the left of entrance Gate A. The Upper Level escalator drops Guests off at Section 412.

What are Pinnacle seats at FedEx Forum?

Pinnacle Club Level seats offer wider, more comfortable seats with more legroom than most any other seat in the arena. Fans sitting here will also have access to a private club level concourse which is where you will find the upscale Draft Room and Blue Note Lounge.

Which side of FedEx Field gets sun?

FedEx Field Orientation to the Sun FedEx Field is oriented in a northwest to southeast direction. By noon the sun is high in the sky near the southeast endzone. Over the course of the afternoon it dips down behind home field side of the stadium and eventually sets near the northwest endzone.

What is a dream seat at FedEx Field?

Considered by some the best seats at FedEx Field, the Dream Seats are a collection of sections located near field level. Aside from having the closest views possible from a comfortable padded seat, Dream Seat ticketholders are treated to an all-inclusive experience for WFT games.

Can you wear Redskins gear to FedEx Field?

On Wednesday, the team announced it was banning guests from wearing Native American apparel at FedEx Field for the 2021 season, an updated policy that comes just over a year since the franchise changed its name from “Redskins,” a term seen as a racial slur against Indigenous people of the United States.

What are club seats at FedEx Forum?

The Club Boxes at FedEx Forum are one of the more upscale seating choices for a concert or basketball game. There are nine semi-private box sections on the East end of the arena located above the Plaza Level. Club Box ticketholders will have direct access to the Club Box Lounge.

What is terrace level at FedEx Forum?

The Terrace Level at FedEx Forum is another name for 200 Level seats. While these are the farthest seats from the action, fans can usually find the best deals in these sections. Most Terrace Level sections have between 15-25 rows of seats.

What do dream seats include at FedEx Field?

Dream Seats Reviews THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE INCLUDED • Padded leather seats. Complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages. In-seat wait service. Access to the climate controlled Club Level and its lounges.