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How can I check my Nagaland GPF balance online?

How can I check my Nagaland GPF balance online?

  1. Subscriber Login: Subscriber can check their GPF Account Statement, Ledger, Missing Credit etc.
  2. DDO Login: DDO can view their Employees’ GPF Account Details.
  3. Treasury Login: Treasury can verify the amount of the GPF bill submited.
  4. AG Login: ACCOUNTANT GENERAL (AUDIT) NAGALAND Subscriber Management.

How can I get Nagaland GPF PIN number?

How to Get Nagaland GPF PIN

  1. Go to the Online GPF menu and select the GPF Series.
  2. Enter your GPF number and then enter the PIN.
  3. Here PIN is your Date of birth in the format of 01-JAN-20.
  4. Next, provide the captcha code and click on it to Generate OTP.

How can I use GPF online in Nagaland?

How To Use GPF Information System?

  1. Go to AG Website.
  2. On the left hand of the website Click on the link.
  3. Once you are linked to .
  4. Once you are logged in, you will received OTP(One Time Password) which is a six-digit number in your registered mobile no.
  5. Enter the OTP in the Box and Click ‘Submit’. (

How many government employees are there in Nagaland?

According to the party, Nagaland has an excess of about 70,000 government employees, which is against the guidelines finance ministry.

What is PIMS Nagaland?

PIMS — a comprehensive digital platform for providing quality and speedy services to our employees. Department of P&AR Govt. of Nagaland.

How many department are there in Nagaland?

Nagaland has 7 Administrative Districts and 16 tribes with other Sub-tribes….List of Government departments in Nagaland.

Name of the State Nagaland
Capital Kohima
Number of Districts 11
Governor Padmanabha Balkrishna Acharya
Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri T.R. Zeliang

What is GPF loan?

GPF and PPF loan facility: GPF Advance is a facility offered to the account holder/employee wherein he or she can obtain loan against GPF throughout his or her career. The loan can be repaid in regular instalments. No interest rate is applied to the borrowed sum.

What is GPF salary?

What is General Provident Fund. GPF or General Provident Fund is a type of PPF account that is available only for all the government. Basically, it allows all the government employees to contribute a certain percentage of their salary to the General Provident Fund.