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How can I see my old history on Facebook?

How can I see my old history on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name. Tap below your profile picture, then tap Activity Log. Tap View Activity History at the bottom.

How do I get Facebook to date on my IPAD?

Facebook Dating is available through the Facebook app on Android and iOS. To access your Dating information, please go to the Facebook app on your mobile device, then go to Access Your Information in your Facebook Settings. If you’ve added Instagram posts or stories to Dating, learn how to access your Instagram data.

How do you get your recents back on Facebook?

How do I see the most recent posts in my Feed on Facebook?

  1. In the top right of Facebook, tap. .
  2. Tap Recent & Favorites. You may need to tap See More to see this option.
  3. At the top of Feed, tap Recent in the Feed Filter Bar.

Why is my activity log not showing on Facebook?

If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for in your activity log, it could be because: It doesn’t exist for the category or dates that you’re reviewing. For example, you won’t see any activity about events in 2005 because Facebook Events didn’t exist yet. It isn’t accessible through activity log.

How do I get Facebook to date on my iPhone?

Facebook Dating is a free dating service that’s part of the Facebook app for iPhone and Android….How to activate Facebook Dating

  1. Start the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the three-line menu.
  3. In the All Shortcuts section, look for Dating.
  4. Tap Dating.
  5. Tap Get Started.

Where has Facebook most recent gone?

Tap in the top right of Facebook. Scroll down and tap Most Recent.

Did Facebook Get rid of most recent?

Tap on the three lines icon on the top right of the Facebook app that discloses the entire menu. From there, scroll down to ‘See More’ to find more features listed below. The ‘Most Recent’ button has now been renamed as ‘Recent & Favourites’ and will be displayed somewhere at the bottom of the page.

How do you check Facebook history on iPhone?

You can find and access the activity log from Facebook app on your iPhone and iPad in just a few taps. Just open the Profile tab in Facebook, tap the Gear (Settings) icon below your profile picture to open the Profile settings screen. Here you can access the Activity log which includes all your activity on Facebook.

Does Facebook search history delete itself?

It does not delete the data itself. It also doesn’t stop the site from recording more data after the wipe. But once you learn how to clear your Facebook search history, you can do it regularly.

Does Facebook save Internet history?

Facebook keeps track of your browsing history. With the track history that it keeps and analyzes, Facebook displays relevant advertisements on your Facebook timeline. If you’re going to be shown advertisements, they might as well be relevant.