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How cold are winters in Spain?

How cold are winters in Spain?

Winters are relatively mild (around 10–13 degrees Celsius in January) but it can get colder around Barcelona and Valencia (around 9 degrees Celsius). Combined with the cold humidity, you’ll definitely need central heating or a portable heater.

What is the climate like in the winter in Spain?

Winter in Spain is pleasant and mild compared to most of the rest of the continent, and the southern areas still get quite a bit of sun at this time of year. Mountainous regions are prone to snow, but precipitation on the northern coast tends to come in the form of rain.

Does Spain have a cold climate?

In fact, Spain is the most climatically diverse country in Europe. For the most part, the climate is temperate with hot summers and cold winters inland and cloudy, mild summers and cool winters along the coast.

What is the coldest part of Spain?

Bellver de Cerdanya In this municipality you could find what many consider to be the coldest town in Spain: Talltendre, resting 1,600 meters above sea level, with three inhabitants as of 2009.

Is it warm in Spain during winter?

Cities like Seville and Madrid frequently reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). In winter, temperatures are much more manageable. It can get very cold in the center and the north but Andalusia is pleasantly mild throughout the winter months.

What is the coldest place in Spain?

Calamocha, Teruel, Aragón In fact, the province of Teruel as a whole, is one of the coldest provinces in Spain, often featuring in the list of places that have recorded the coldest temperatures in Spain. The town of Monreal del Campo twice recorded temperatures of −28° C in December 1963 and January 1971.

Does Spain get snow?

Yes, it does snow in Spain! It might be hard to imagine that Spain experiences snow at all as it is often associated with the image of never-ending Mediterranean sunny days – but some regions receive quite a bit of snowfall during the winter months.

Is Spain warm in the winter?

That’s just five of Spain’s southern towns and cities that host visitors looking for clear sunny skies in winter. The temperatures aren’t excessive – many of the locations mentioned here average highs between 15-24°C. But the sun is almost always out, and it’s definitely the warmest place in mainland Spain in winter.