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How did Katie from Coronation Street died?

How did Katie from Coronation Street died?

It was revealed in October 2017 Katy had died in a car accident off-screen, with Chesney having to take Linda’s word. As the death was never seen, there is always a chance it never happened and for a short time, even the youngster’s mother could have believed she was dead.

Why did Katy Armstrong leave Coronation Street?

Georgia spent five years playing Katy before leaving in 2015 to take part on Strictly Come Dancing. She said at the time: β€œI’d decided the time was right to go before I met with producer Stuart Blackburn to discuss Katy’s future. β€œIt was a mutual decision for me to leave, but I wish I’d got in first.”

Which actress died in Coronation Street?

Maggie Fox
Maggie Fox: Coronation Street and Shameless actress dies ‘suddenly after accident’ Maggie Fox was best known for her role of Ruth Audsley in Coronation Street, and also played housekeeper Bilson in The Forsyte Saga opposite Damian Lewis. Her comedy partner Sue Ryding says she is “completely heartbroken” by her death.

Who is Katie in Coronation Street?

Katy Harris (Coronation Street)

Katy Harris
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Lucy-Jo Hudson
Duration 2002–2005
First appearance 13 November 2002

Are fizz and Chesney related in real life?

Even more than just being related, these two young Corrie stars are actually twins! Isabella Flanagan and her brother William are both new additions to the soap cast, with Isabella playing the role of Hope Stape.

What relation is Izzy to Joseph in corrie?

Upon her debut, she was heralded as the soap’s first disabled regular character in 50 years. Izzy was the first member of the Armstrong family to be introduced, her father Owen and sister Katy arrived within two months after her first appearance….Izzy Armstrong.

Sons Jake Windass
Nephews Joseph Brown

How is Izzy related to Joseph in Coronation Street?

Which soap actress has just died?

Marnie Schulenburg
Marnie Schulenburg, who starred on the soap operas “As the World Turns” and “One Life to Live,” died, her representative confirmed. She was 37. Schulenburg’s manager Kyle Luker confirmed to USA TODAY that she died on Tuesday.

Is Faye Windass pregnant 2022?

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) and Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) were left heartbroken in tonight’s Coronation Street as they discovered Faye’s pregnancy was false.

Who is Izzy’s mum in Corrie?

Linda Hancock
Linda Hancock (previously Armstrong) was the ex-wife of Owen Armstrong, and the absent mother of their daughters Izzy and Katy.

Are Joseph and hope in Corrie related in real life?

Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) and Joseph Brown (William Flanagan) are cousins in Coronation Street and in real life, the stars are also closely related.

Are Joseph and hope twins in real life?

And the reason why Hope is so similar to Joseph is because she is his TWIN SISTER in real life. Isabella – also born January 12, 2011 – took over the role of Hope in August 2017, just months before her twin joined. Twins Faith and Nicole Holt had jointly played Hope since 2012.