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How do I access my TransactionDesk?

How do I access my TransactionDesk?

Go to TransactionDesk from your PC, click on Settings (on the left) and then Preferences and then Login to set your password across devices. Visit the App Store and search for the TransactionDesk app.

What does TransactionDesk do?

TransactionDesk is the leading cloud-based Transaction Management service used in Real Estate. TransactionDesk comes equipped with everything a brokerage needs to manage, execute and process a deal, including electronic forms, eSignature, client communication and document storage.

What is Lone Wolf transactions?

Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition) is a transaction management and document e-signing solution that enables you to quickly and efficiently create digital transaction files, fill them with documents and get them electronically signed by buyers, sellers, and other parties involved in the transaction.

Who owns TransactionDesk?

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf purchased Transaction Desk to expand the scope of its end-to-end solution.

Is there a TransactionDesk app?

TransactionDesk is currently used by over 550,000 real estate professionals across North America. Now you can use the new TransactionDesk App to communicate and share documents, forms and information with your clients using your iPad® or iPhone® anywhere, anytime.

What is Authentisign TransactionDesk?

TransactionDesk Edition integrated Authentisign can be purchased as an add-on to your TransactionDesk Edition solution if you do not already have it. It works seamlessly with your existing solution to enable you to easily import transactions, documents, contacts, and other information directly into your signings.

How do I delete transactions in TransactionDesk?


  1. Do one of the following: Navigate to your dashboard by clicking the dashboard icon. .
  2. Click more options. and select Delete Transaction. A confirmation dialog appears.
  3. Click Yes. The transaction is no longer visible to you. However, it still exists within the system.

Who owns Lone Wolf?

Vista Equity Partners
Murray joins Lorne C. Wallace, Founder and Executive Chairman of Lone Wolf Technologies, as well as Vista Equity Partners, on the Board. Together, they provide guidance on the company’s direction. “We are honored to have Steve Murray join our Board of Directors.

Is Authentisign only for Realtors?

Authentisign’s eSignature solutions make it possible for real estate agents, brokers, and others who work in that industry to efficiently and securely send and receive signed electronic documents. The platform is 100 percent browser base, meaning there is no need for users to install an app.