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How do I activate voice on BBO?

How do I activate voice on BBO?

At the top left corner of the screen, you will see a pop-up listing the other players — if any of them have also clicked Voice — with a “Start speaking” button: Click Start speaking to join the voice chat. This will allow you to speak and also to hear the other speakers.

Does BBO have audio?

Update: BBO (with Audio) is now a LIVE feature. From Dan Storch at Bridge Base Online: “This feature will be available on all premium tournaments (virtual clubs, ACBL games, BBO paid games, etc.). In special events, tournament directors will always decide whether it should be available.

What is a kibitzer in Bridge Base Online?

Kibitzing on Bridge Base Online (BBO) offers a wide variety of tables where you can watch friends or even World Class teams play. So to watch a game, under the title Play or Watch Bridge, you can chose Help me find a game, and then under the heading Watch Bridge click the option to Take me to an interesting table.

Is there an app for Bridge Base Online?

We offer a free BBO mobile app in the play stores. Google and Apple policies block some of the features and games available on our website.

How do I turn off the sound on my bridge base?

To access the setting preferences tap the Gear icon: Sound: Tap to turn off (default is on). Wide View: This only works if your tablet screen is in the Unlocked position. Hold your tablet sideways and the chat window changes from below the table to the right side of the table.

How do you use Bridgebase online?

To start playing, under heading “Play or Watch Bridge” click on Casual. From there you can choose from several options depending on your circumstances at the time. If you want to play, and FAST, click on Play – take me to the first seat available.

Can you kibitz on real bridge?

The RealBridge kibitz server link is: kibitz. realbridge. online. You will sign in (no account is needed) and then be taken to the Main Page where you can see current, upcoming and past events.

Can you Play BBO bridge on an iPad?

BBO is the biggest Bridge online services. Bridge can be played using a browser for Windows, Macs and Linux. Also available as app for, Mac, IPad, IPhone and Android devices.