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How do I contact Al Rayan Bank?

How do I contact Al Rayan Bank?

Phone E-Newsletter Email Post SMS If you would prefer not to hear from us with Al Rayan Bank marketing information and offers, please tick here: You can change your preferences at any time, by writing to us at Al Rayan Bank, PO Box 12461, Birmingham, B16 6AQ or calling us on 0800 4086 407.

How do I apply for a halal mortgage UK?

In order to qualify for a Sharia mortgage, you’ll typically need a deposit of at least 20% of the property. Sharia mortgages are often referred to as Home Purchase Plans(HPP), of which there are three types: Ijara (lease), Musharaka (partnership) and Murabaha (profit).

Is Al Rayan Bank safe?

All Al Rayan Bank accounts are monitored for signs of suspicious activity. Our Digital Banking services are routinely tested by independent industry experts to ensure that they meet the highest standards of security.

Which Islamic bank is best in UK?

Gatehouse Bank
Gatehouse Bank has been named the UK’s best Islamic bank. The Shariah-compliant challenger bank was given the accolade by international media group IFN, following a record number of votes being submitted by subscribers.

Who is the CEO of Al Rayan Bank?

Giles Cunningham (Sep 30, 2021–)Al Rayan Bank / CEO

Does HSBC offer halal mortgage?

Islamic mortgages are available from a number of banks in the UK. HSBC is the only high street bank to offer an Islamic mortgage service, but smaller specialist banks such as Ahli United Bank, Alburaq, Islamic Bank of Britain have Sharia products.

Are Investec any good?

Investec recognised as the best-performing bank in the UK and South Africa. Each year The Banker publishes a ranking of the Top 1000 Global Banks.

How can I contact Al Rayan Bank?

If you would like to email us, please use this form to help direct your enquiry to the correct Al Rayan Bank department. You can follow and interact with us through Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn or YouTube. For more information about Al Rayan Bank’s complaints procedure, click here. For media and PR information, click here.

How accurate is Al Rayan Bank in its rate of profit?

This approach has proved extremely accurate; since Al Rayan Bank was founded in 2004, it has always paid the rate of profit it has quoted to its customers, and on numerous occasions, when investments have performed better than expected, it has even paid more. How is a HPP different to a mortgage?

What is Masraf Al Rayan Bank?

Masraf Al Rayan is the second largest bank in Qatar by market value. Al Rayan Bank PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

How can I contact the bank of England?

Call, write, email, live chat, tweet or visit us in branch. We’d love to hear from you. If you are calling from outside the UK, please call 0044 129 889 0137. Please note the time difference when you are calling from abroad.