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How do I dispute on Trade Me?

How do I dispute on Trade Me?

Download a statutory declaration form to state that you require the other party’s details in order to file a claim with the Disputes Tribunal, and will only use the information for this purpose. Complete the statutory declaration with your details and the details of the member that you are requesting the details of.

What happens if you dont pay on Trade Me?

You must promptly pay any negative account balance. If your account remains negative or you are in debt to us, we may take action against you to recover that debt. For example: by using a third-party debt collection service, or deducting the amount owed from any other Trade Me account that you operate.

How do I get my money back from Trade Me?

If you’ve made an accidental payment to your Trade Me account, you can request a refund. Reach out to us on live chat, or leave us a message. If you’ve paid another member by mistake, you’ll need to contact them directly to organise a refund.

How do I dispute negative feedback on Trade Me?

Report unfair negative feedback below if you feel you’ve tried to resolve things and are still left with unfair feedback. Attach any relevant info to help your case, such as screenshots and proof of payment. Please note that we will only take action that is in line with our Feedback Policy and Code of Conduct.

What happens if I get scammed on Trade Me?

The item is fake, unsafe or otherwise illegal: E.g. if the item is counterfeit or is non-compliant with product safety standards. Note: If an item is counterfeit, unsafe or illegal, we may require that you return this to Trade Me for disposal or detention through appropriate authorities.

Does the Consumer Guarantees Act apply to Trade Me?

As a professional seller, you have legal obligations under the Fair Trading Act (FTA) and Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA). So that buyers know they are protected under the FTA and CGA when purchasing from you, you must mark yourself as ‘in trade. ‘

Are Trade Me auctions legally binding?

Are Trade Me auctions legally binding? Once your customer places a final bid above the reserve price and the bidding time period has finished, then they have created a legally binding contract with you. This also applies if they decide to click the ‘Buy Now’ button on an auction.

Can you block sellers on Trade Me?

Head to ‘My Trade Me’. Select ‘Settings’. Under ‘Selling options’, select ‘Add a member to my Blacklist’.

How do I contact trademe?

Contact the Trade Me dealer support team

  1. Email. Email dealer sales team. [email protected]. Email dealer support. [email protected].
  2. Mail. Trade Me Motors. PO Box 37769. Auckland 1151.
  3. Accounts. Bank Account Name. Trade Me Limited Bank. Bank Account Number. 12-3244-0003076-04. GST Number. 72-491-386.

Does Trade Me have buyer protection?

Buyer Protection and Seller Protection means we’ve got your back if a trade doesn’t go to plan. Buyer Protection can cover buyers if an item doesn’t turn up or isn’t as described, and there’s trouble resolving it with the seller.

Can you get scammed on Trade Me?

Scammers often target Trade Me members with phishing attempts. You should know what to look for in these fake emails and be aware of what a fake website looks like. If you respond to a phishing email in error, be aware that scammers will encourage you to trade outside the auction.

Is Trade Me second hand?

It’s safe to say secondhand goods are part of our DNA here at Trade Me. Over the past 21 years, millions of Kiwis have used our site to buy, sell, and trade their preloved items. Today, there are 1.2 million secondhand items listed on Trade Me at any given time.

Did you go to the Disputes Tribunal over a trade me listing?

It is important to remember that orders of the Disputes Tribunal are Court orders and there are consequences for non-compliance. This means if you have been to the Disputes Tribunal over a Trade Me listing and the other party has failed to comply with any orders by the date required, we want to hear about it.

How do I resolve a dispute with another Trade Me member?

The Disputes Tribunal can assist you to resolve a dispute between you and another Trade Me member over a trade. If you’ve bought an item the dispute may be one of the following: The seller pulled out of the trade.

Where can I find a Disputes Tribunal in NZ?

You can find a Disputes Tribunal at almost every District Court in New Zealand – they share the same contact details with the court.

What is the difference between the Disputes Tribunal and court?

This protocol will be subject to ongoing review and modification as local risks change. The Disputes Tribunal is quicker, cheaper and less formal than court. You can use the Tribunal to settle small claims up to $30,000. The Disputes Tribunal isn’t like a formal court.