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How do I find out if someone is in jail in WV?

How do I find out if someone is in jail in WV?

Through the WVDCR website, you can use their prison lookup tool to perform an inmate lookup in West Virginia jails and prisons, as well as daily incarcerations. All inmate records in West Virginia are public and therefore can be searched by any interested parties.

What’s the name of the jail in Flatwoods West Virginia?

The Central Regional Jail and Corrections Facility
The Central Regional Jail and Corrections Facility is located in Flatwoods, just off of Interstate 79 in Braxton County. The facility formally opened on February 22, 1993 and was the prototype of the state-of-the-art podular design that is present throughout all of the West Virginia Regional Jails.

What county is Western Regional Jail WV?

Cabell County
The Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility is located in Barboursville, just off of Interstate 64 in Cabell County. This facility has been in operation since December 13, 2003 and is one of the largest jails in the state.

What jail is Harrison County in WV?

Harrison County Jail Prison Information

Jail Name Harrison County Jail
Location 301 W Main StClarksburg, WV 26301
Contact Numbers (304)624-8550
City Clarksburg
State West Virginia

What county is North Central Regional Jail in WV?

Doddridge County
The North Central Regional Jail and Correctional Facility is located just off US Route 50 in Doddridge County.

How many inmates are in Western Regional Jail WV?

605 inmates
Size. The facility covers 6 acres (approximately 265,000 square feet) and has a rated capacity of 605 inmates.

What jail is in Morgantown WV?

FCI Morgantown
FCI Morgantown is located in the city of Morgantown in northern West Virginia and approximately 160 miles northeast of Charleston, the state capital….Federal Correctional Institution, Morgantown.

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location Monongalia County, near Morgantown, West Virginia
Status Operational
Security class Minimum-security
Population 915

How old do you have to be to go to jail in West Virginia?

18 years of age
The West Virginia Division of Corrections (WVDOC) Hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent at minimum. At least 18 years of age. Never been convicted of a felony.

What jail is Huntington WV?

The Huntington City Jail is a holding facility for Huntington Police Department at 675 10th Street, Huntington, West Virginia, 25701.

How many prisons are in WV?

As of December 31, 2018, the number of prisoners under the jurisdiction of the State of West Virginia correctional authorities was 6,775 located in 13 state prisons and held in custody of private prisons or local jails. State operated facilities had a staff of 2,500 employees and budget of $184 million.

When did West Virginia State Penitentiary close?

The West Virginia Penitentiary is a gothic-style prison located in Moundsville, West Virginia. Now withdrawn and retired from prison use, it operated from 1876 to 1995….

West Virginia Penitentiary
Built 1866
Architectural style Gothic Revival
NRHP reference No. 96000987
Added to NRHP September 19, 1996

Who owns Western Virginia Regional Jail?

The Western Virginia Regional Jail Authority which oversees the operation of the Jail is composed of the counties of Franklin, Montgomery, and Roanoke and the city of Salem.

What is the name of the jail in Barboursville West Virginia?

The Western Regional Jail and Correctional Facility