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How do I get to the foundry torment?

How do I get to the foundry torment?

To get into the foundry, you need to have either Giltspur’s message for Keldor (Giltspur’s second quest) or the receipt for the foundry (from the legacy). Click the guard through the fence to speak to him and he’ll let you in. Once inside the foundry, make sure to speak to everyone.

How do I join Godsmen?

Go through the small hall and speak to Keldor in the auditorium. You should ask him to join the Godsmen. You’ll need to perform a series of tasks before joining, and of course, renounce any faction you were it.

Where is Nadilin?

Nadilin is a clerk at the Foundry. He can supply you with some useful things: If you have the Godsman Receipt from Advocate Iannis in the Clerk’s Ward, then you’ll be able to turn it in to Nadilin for an Unfolding Portal and 40,000 xp.

How do I get to siege tower Planescape?

The Siege Tower can only be accessed via a portal, located on the drawbridge across the way, immediately to the east of the tower (x=3725, y=1500). As with all portals, you will need a key to unlock it. Talk to Lazlo in the Marketplace in the Lower Ward. He can be found wandering near the forge in the corner.

How do you get to Ravel’s maze?

For the key, you’ll first need to talk to Quell in the Private Sensorium. After bribing him with a Chocolate Quasit, he’ll tell you that you’ll need a piece of Ravel to activate the portal. To acquire this piece, you’ll need to complete quests for Dolora and Ecco at the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts.

How can I get free Ignus?

In order to free Ignus, The Nameless One must retrieve the Decanter of Endless Water from the Drowned Nations. Then head back to Glyve, the spirit possessing the stone face in the Catacombs, to be told the word to unlock the decanter can be learned from Nemelle in the Clerk’s Ward.

How do I get blades of the immortal Planescape?

Acquisition. The Blade of the Immortal can be acquired from Coaxmetal, who offers to forge a blade that can kill even The Nameless One.

How do you get into the fortress of regrets?

Fortress entrance In order to open the portal, a section of the Nameless One’s flesh has to be torn off and inscribed with the word “Regret.” A specific regret must be chosen to focus on, and the portal will open (250,000 XP). Once through the portal, head right and follow the path to find Deionarra (X=3960, Y=2100).

What happens if you kiss Ravel?

Kissing Ravel while she presents herself as Grace or Annah will affect morale: if Ravel is kissed while presenting herself as Grace, Grace will gain morale and Annah will lose morale, and vice versa. After this, Ravel can be asked about her other forms she has taken – Mebbeth, Ei-Viene, and Marta.

How do you recruit Annah Planescape?

Recruiting Annah Although she can be found on the streets of Sigil very early in the game, she only becomes a companion at the mid-portion of the game, where she will automatically join the party after completing a task for Pharod.

How do you get to nordom?

Nordom is sort of a secret character, as his location is hidden behind several layers of independent actions unlinked by game hints. He can only be found by buying the Metallic Cube from the exotic items section of the Curiosity Shop. It turns out to be a Modron Cube, an articulated figurine in the shape of a Modron.