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How do I get traffic cameras footage in NYC?

How do I get traffic cameras footage in NYC?

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) provides public access to live streams of its traffic cameras on its website but it does not make recorded data available. But if the government can access all of this footage to monitor citizens then we should have access to monitor the police.

Is NYC closing bridges and tunnels?

MLA citation style: Parkel, Sara, Artist. 9:21 a.m. Port Authority of NY and NJ orders all bridges and tunnels in the NYC area closed .

How can I get video footage from a store?

Go to the location and ask nearby stores or ask the property management company if they have surveillance of the area. The Freedom of Information Act can also make obtaining video from government-owned cameras obtainable. Getting to the scene early is imperative.

Is the George Washington Bridge shut down?

George Washington Bridge Bus Station: There is no scheduled construction at this time.

How do I view real-time traffic information on the map?

Select “Map Legend” on the upper right of the map to select which traffic conditions to view. Zoom in on roadways and click on the map’s icons for information at a specific location. For example, check “Cameras” to view real-time camera feeds. Click on the camera icon on the map to view the image.

What is included in the Department’s Traffic Information Section?

This section contains statistical information on moving violation summonses, motor vehicle collisions, and instances of leaving the scene of an incident, as well as access to the Department’s raw feed of traffic-related data which is used for the Traffic Safety Forum.

Why do I see different views of traffic from different directions?

The cameras are being used by DOT staff to monitor traffic conditions, and may be repositioned to view traffic from varying directions. You may see different views if you visit a camera location at different times.