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How do I lock FPS in RivaTuner?

How do I lock FPS in RivaTuner?

From the main window, click the “Global” profile and set a framerate limit of your choice, ideally matching your monitor’s framerate. Make sure “Application detection level” is set to Low or higher, and you’re good to go: you’ve set a global FPS cap.

Should I lock FPS or not?

You should only cap your FPS if you are starting to see screen tearing and possibly ghosting on your monitor. If you are starting to see screen tearing, then cap it to your refresh rate that way everything stays in check. You should also turn on V sync if you can.

Does locking FPS improve performance?

No if you are limiting your FPS amd are just browsing the net or in a google meet. The only place that you should see a really big difference in performance is when you are gaming since your GPU needs to make so many calculations.

Should I cap my FPS below my refresh rate?

Not necessarily. In case you’re experiencing visual glitches, most probably screen tearing, then it might be a good idea to either turn VSync on or set a cap on your FPS to match the monitor’s refresh rate. Otherwise, it’s all good.

Does Scanline sync cause input lag?

Re: Scanline sync – Input Lag tests If I understood correctly, there is practically no difference in Input Lag between No Sync and Scanline Sync. Therefore, when Scanline Sync is on, the more I have a GPU power reserve, the less input lag will be (which is similar to the additional number of frames with No Sync).

Does limiting FPS cause input lag?

Capping framerate without “waiting” dont give input lag. Depends on the game, and how well the frame limiter is implemented. Generally though, no, it won’t add any extra latency. But it won’t be as consistent as something like RTSS.

Does MSI Afterburner need RivaTuner?

Unlike RivaTuner, RTSS continues to receive updates and, as of 2017, supports performance monitoring on the latest graphics cards and APIs. RTSS is bundled with MSI Afterburner, but MSI Afterburner does not require the installation of RTSS to function.

Should I cap FPS at refresh rate?