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How do I schedule my advising appointment at NMSU?

How do I schedule my advising appointment at NMSU?

First, have your NMSU or Aggie ID ready. Login to myNMSU Navigate and click the Navigate Student option on the lower left side. Click the Appointments option on the menu found on the left side. Under the Upcoming tab, click on the Schedule an Appointment button.

Who is the dean of NMSU?

Dean Goodman
Dean Goodman returned to NMSU in 2019 after spending 31 years at Texas A&M University where she worked to develop best-practice industry processes and policies in the areas of critical incident response; student conduct and investigative models; fraternity & sorority life programs and risk management education, as well …

How do I change my major NMSU?

Current students interested in changing majors must apply to the new program via the electronic application. All application materials are required as the system cannot transfer documents from a prior application. Please be aware that changing majors inactivates the previous academic program.

Where is the education department at NMSU?

Location. The Educational Leadership & Administration component is currently located in O’Donnell Hall, Suite 302.

How do I withdraw from a class NMSU?

The process for dropping a course is similar to the process for adding a course. The student must consult with the academic advisor and drop the course by the deadline either online through his/her account, or with a Change of Schedule form with all required signatures.

How do I drop out of NMSU?

To withdraw from a single course, the student must consult with their academic advisor or complete a Change of Schedule Form and process it at the DACC Information Center or the NMSU Student Records Office. The deadline for withdrawing from a single course is published online at

What are the 5 NMSU core values?

Core Values are the framwork on which we base our choices. As the state’s land-grant and space-grant university, and as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, NMSU fosters learning, inquiry, diversity and inclusion, social mobility, and service to the broader community.

How do I add a minor to NMSU?

A student can change their major, minor and/or concentration with their academic advisor/faculty. Undergraduate Students must submit an online request with the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support (CAASS). Changes will take approximately 3 business days to appear on the student’s account.

How do I add a class to NMSU?

STEP #3 – NOW To Register

  1. GO TO (You can access myNMSU from any page on this site.)
  3. CLICK on registration on left side under “Quick Links.”
  4. SELECT term (spring, summer or fall) and click SUBMIT.
  5. CLICK on ADD/DROP from the drop down list.

What is special about NMSU?

We are a comprehensive research land-grant university excelling in teaching, research and public service. NMSU is truly a reflection of the region’s vibrant communities – an exciting place to tackle challenges, find answers to important issues and prepare for the future.

How many credits do you need for a minor NMSU?

18 credits
A minor is indicated on the student’s transcript. Undergraduate Minor: At a minimum, an undergraduate minor must consist of 18 credits of course work, of which 9 credits are at the upper-division level. Graduate Minor: At a minimum, a graduate minor must consist of at least 9 course graduate credit hours.