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How do you escape the HMP-irongate in the escapists?

How do you escape the HMP-irongate in the escapists?

Go up to the ladder, then cross the pole to the left. Then, cut the fence and once it breaks, use the Grappling Hook on the wall going down. Go Right, and down a bit until you find a little wood platform. Use your Makeshift Raft at the edge, and escape HMP-Irongate.

What does balsa wood do in escapists?

This item is used to make the Makeshift Raft, which is used to escape HMP-Irongate.

How do you make a multi tool in the escapists?

This item can only be obtained by crafting and is never found in inmates’ desks or sold by inmates. It cannot be found in a Prisoner Stash….Obtaining.

Result As a component INT
Multitool Sturdy Shovel x1 + Sturdy Pickaxe x1 + Roll of Duct Tape x1 70+

How do you escape banned from Camp Mobile?

you will be on the docks. Walk to the area of it where it extends outwards (where the boats would be) and once you are in the area the game will end. You have escaped!

How do you make a homemade raft?

Building a Raft

  1. Get four large pieces of bamboo.
  2. Place the longer pieces in the bottom, then the shorter ones on top to form a square.
  3. The long pieces will extend from each side by 4 feet and act as stabilizing pontoons.
  4. Lash together everything together tightly with rope or vine.

What weapon does the most damage in The Escapists?

The Nunchucks is the strongest weapon in the game. This weapon can be crafted using wire and timber.

Is a Multitool worth it escapists?

Usage. The Multi-Tool is the best digging/chipping tool in The Escapists and The Escapists 2. The Multitool is 5/5 for both digging and chipping. Like a Sturdy Pickaxe it takes 5 uses on a wall to chip through (20% per successful chip), and can rapidly destroy rocks and walls.

How do you escape summer camp in the escapists?