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How do you find DAR members?

How do you find DAR members?

To search the Descendants Database, go to and click on the Descendants tab and enter the name of the person that you are looking for. If your chapter has lots of prospective members in the PMD, the Descendants Database can help you with locating the easiest lines for them to use to join.

What are DAR members?

DAR members are women who come from diverse backgrounds and hold a variety of interests. Their common bond is their lineal descent from Patriots of the American Revolution.

What are the benefits of being a member of the DAR?

Why should I become a member?

  • contribute to important service projects.
  • honor and preserve the legacy of patriot ancestors.
  • make lifelong friends.
  • participate in unique social and service-oriented programs within your community.
  • be involved in a variety of programs that provide something for everyone.

How many members are there in DAR?

DAR is one of the world’s largest and most active women’s service organizations with nearly 185,000 current members in approximately 3,000 chapters worldwide.

How do I become a member of Dar?

How do I become a member of Dar Al Atta’a? You need to fill out an application and pay the membership fees of R.O 12 PER year. All our members have to be 18 years and above. What Benefits to Dar Al Atta’a members have? All members will be updated constantly with all the events and news of the charity. In the events that require sales of

How to become a member of Dar?

Membership: 190,000 members 3,000 chapters in all 50 states, Washington, D.C.; and International. Eligibility for Membership: Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution. For more information on DAR Membership, click here.

How do you join the Dar?

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How to join the Dar?

Today’s DAR and You! (PDF)

  • Prospective Member Information Request Form
  • Questions? Please write to [email protected].