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How do you get a Hotring racer in GTA Vice City?

How do you get a Hotring racer in GTA Vice City?

Hotring Racer: GTA Vice City Appearances Spawn Hotring Racer Cheat Code You can use this Cheat Code to spawn the Hotring Racer in GTA Vice City: PlayStation – Hotring Racer A. Xbox – Hotring Racer A RB B RT (Black) RIGHT LB LT (White) PC – Hotring Racer A GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED.

How do you get unlimited ammo in GTA Vice City PC?

Weapon cheat code GTA Vice city for PC

  1. Weapon Set 1 – Enter “THUGSTOOLS”
  2. Weapon Set 2 – Enter “PROFESSIONALTOOLS”
  3. Weapon Set 3 – Enter “NUTTERTOOLS”
  4. Full Health – Enter “ASPIRINE”
  5. Full Armor – Enter “PRECIOUSPROTECTION”
  6. Ladies’ Man – Enter “FANNYMAGNET”
  7. Increase Wanted Level – Enter “YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE”

What is the cheat codes for money in GTA Vice City?

All PC Cheats and Codes in GTA Vice City

Weapon, Health, and Money Cheat Codes
Candy Suxxx Cheat Hilary King Cheat Lance Vance Cheat
Love Fist 1 Cheat Love Fist 2 Cheat Phil Cassady Cheat
Ricardo Diaz Cheat Sonny Forelli Cheat
Weather and Time Cheat Codes

What is the fastest car in GTA Vice City?

Infernus. In what will likely come as a surprise to no one, the Infernus comfortably takes the title of GTA: Vice City’s fastest car.

What car is the Hotring Racer?

The Hotring Racer is a Sports Car featured in GTA San Andreas. The design of the Hotring Racer in GTA San Andreas is based on a real life Ford Thunderbird Gen IX. The top speed of the Hotring Racer is 136.70 mph (220.00 km/h). This vehicle cannot be customized.

How do you become a vice Street Racer?

The races become available after the player purchases the Sunshine Autos car showroom. To start a race, the player must go down into the lower part of the building and enter the pink cylinder to choose from up to six races.