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How do you honor the flame midsummer?

How do you honor the flame midsummer?

Honor the flame is one of the Midsummer Fire Festival seasonal quests. At your faction’s bonfires, you may talk to the Flame Wardens near the bonfire to Honor the Flame of that bonfire. See Alliance Bonfire, or the combined bonfire list on the Midsummer Fire Festival page.

How long does Midsummer Fire Festival last?

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a 2-week event that will run, in 2021, from June the 21st to July the 5th.

How do you get to the crown of the fire festival?

First of all, you MUST be level 50 or higher to get the crown. Once you get all three flames from the opposite factions main cities, Take the quests and turn them in to the Fire Festival people. After all 3 have been turned in, there is a quest called A Theifs Reward in which they give you the crown.

Do Burning Blossoms expire?

Do Burning Blossoms expire? Comment by Katalliaan The Burning Blossom has a limited duration, after which, it will disappear. Use them before midsummer ends or you will lose it. In other words, you CAN’T save them for next year’s celebration.

Where can I use burning blossom?

Burning Blossom

  1. Burning Blossom.
  2. Binds when picked up.
  3. Use: Use near a Fire Festival Bonfire to receive the Fire Festival Fury buff, or to reignite an extinguished bonfire. These are also used as currency at Midsummer Suppliers and Merchants. ( 1 Sec Cooldown)
  4. Requires Midsummer Fire Festival.
  5. 1 Charge.

How many burning blossoms can you get?

Comment by gennym. You can get 892(912) Blossoms Horde side and 882(902) Alliance side if you do all the quests and visit every fire.

Where are midsummer bonfires?

These are the Horde bonfires located in Kalimdor. Honor them if you’re Horde, or desecrate them otherwise….Flame Keeper of Kalimdor / Extinguishing Kalimdor.

Zone Coords Location
Feralas 72, 47 Camp Mojache
Mulgore 51, 59 Bloodhoof Village
Silithus 51, 41 Cenarion Hold
Stonetalon Mountains 53, 62 Sun Rock Retreat

Where are the Midsummer Fire Festival vendors?

Alliance capital cities
Midsummer Suppliers can be found by bonfires in Alliance capital cities. It is worth noting, that while they can be aggroed, and hit, they cannot be killed, stopping at 1% health. For this reason, they may want to be avoided while stealing flames.

What can you buy with burning blossoms?

The Burning Blossom is the currency during the Midsummer Fire Festival….Currency for.

Item Price Note
[Burning Defender’s Medallion] 500 Toy; Disguise
[Brazier of Dancing Flames] 350 Toy; Summon
[Captured Flame] 350 Companion