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How do you know if your diaphragm is inserted correctly?

How do you know if your diaphragm is inserted correctly?

With your finger, feel for your cervix through the dome of the diaphragm. The cervix is firm but not bony. It feels a bit like the tip of your nose. If the diaphragm does not cover your cervix or you cannot feel your cervix at all, the dome is not in the right place.

How effective is a diaphragm alone?

Here’s the deal on diaphragm effectiveness: If you use your diaphragm perfectly every single time you have sex, it’s 94% effective. But nobody’s perfect, so in real life diaphragms are about 88% effective — that means about 12 out of 100 people who use a diaphragm will get pregnant each year.

Can he feel a diaphragm?

Normally, neither you nor your partner will feel the diaphragm during intercourse. If you do feel it, check to make sure it is in position. Also, you may need to make sure the diaphragm is the right size for you. Leave the diaphragm in place for 6 to 8 hours after intercourse.

How do you insert a Caya diaphragm?

Before inserting the diaphragm, place some Caya Gel into the cervical cup and onto the external rim. Now you can fold up Caya and insert it into your vagina, just like a tampon. When it reaches the back, it will unfold and should be positioned between the posterior vaginal vault and the niche of the pubic bone.

Can a diaphragm get stuck?

Can a diaphragm get lost or stuck inside my body? There is no reason for the diaphragm to get lost or stuck inside your body. A diaphragm will be specifically fitted by a healthcare provider to ensure it fits and can be used effectively by you.

Can you feel Caya diaphragm?

Although you and your partner shouldn’t be able to feel the diaphragm during sex, it can pop out thanks to all that activity. You can simply add more spermicidal jelly to make sure you’re covered, then reinsert it.

Does inserting a diaphragm hurt?

Here are detailed instructions from Planned Parenthood to guide you. You’ll likely feel some discomfort if the diaphragm isn’t placed correctly, but not always, which is why it’s important to make sure you have a handle on insertion before using it.

Why did diaphragms go out of style?

There’s a reason diaphragms have been usurped by more popular birth control methods like the pill and IUD: they’re not as effective at preventing an unintended pregnancy. Diaphragms used with spermicide are 88% effective.

How do you pull out someones diaphragm?

Removing a diaphragm or cap Hook your finger under its rim, loop or strap and gently pull it downwards and out. You must leave your diaphragm or cap in place for at least 6 hours after the last time you had sex.

Why do diaphragms fail?

Other common reasons diaphragms fail is application based i.e. running the pump dry, deadheading the pump, high inlet pressure, or operating the pump higher than the maximum air pressure ratings. Doing any of these will lead to leakage, bent inner plates and shaft, bulging and ripped diaphragms.

Is the Caya diaphragm right for me?

It is a one-size-fits most diaphragm and does not require a pelvic exam or fitting, unlike the traditional diaphragm. If you would like to make sure the Caya® is right for you, we will send your provider a sample of the Caya® Test Fit.

Is the Caya diaphragm compatible with silicone-based lubricants and gels?

The Caya® diaphragm is not compatible with silicone-based lubricants and gels. The Caya® is contraindicated if the patient was previously sized with a conventional diaphragm with the size 50-60mm and 85-90mm.

How do I get my Caya® filled?

Once you have a prescription for the Caya® Diaphragm, you can get your Caya® filled through a mail order pharmacy, retail or local independent pharmacy. Many of your local pharmacies can order the Caya® to fill your prescription. Click the Pharmacy Instruction Letter button below, print the letter, and take it with you to the pharmacy.

Why choose Caya®?

Why Choose Caya®? The Caya® Contoured Contraceptive Diaphragm is the next-generation diaphragm in the US Market. The Caya’s® unique, contoured shape was designed with the female anatomy in mind. It was found to be comfortable, easy to use, and effective.