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How do you open the Boston mayoral shelter in Fallout 4?

How do you open the Boston mayoral shelter in Fallout 4?

The Boston Mayoral Shelter sits alone on a hill and can be accessed using a terminal in the watch tower directly to the right of the shelter. There is an explosive container in this room that has grenades inside. Inside the shelter beyond the entrance is an underground path.

Where do I use the Boston mayoral shelter bathroom key?

Boston mayoral shelter bathroom key – In a dresser next to a terminal, same room as the guard update holotape. Opens the bathroom door. Another copy is in one of the houses of the West Everett Estates, in a dresser next to a crib.

Where is the backyard bunker in West Everett Estates?

The backyard bunker is a location under the Tournquist home, within the West Everett Estates. The entrance is in the shed adjoining the house, near the Estates’ water tower.

Where is the mayoral shelter in Fallout 4?

The Boston Mayoral Shelter appears only in Fallout 4 . When the bombs fell, the mayor of Boston and his wife were bundled into this hidden subterranean shelter. Though the bunker is sealed up tight, the wall terminal in the guard pod next door opens it without any problems.

Where is the Boston mayoral shelter?

The Boston Mayoral Shelter is a base Location in the Western area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the Southwest of Fort Hagen and just South of the Fort Hagen Satellite Array . There is 1 Magazine and 1 Collectible Model in this location .

How do I get into the mayor’s shelter?

Outside the shelter is a control building that opens the locked shelter door. The main entrance leads into an earthen tunnel that terminates in a storage room outside the elevator that leads to the shelter proper. Past a security station is the mayoral living quarters; west of the kitchen are some storage rooms, and a lounge to the east.

Where can I find the Boston shelter bathroom key?

Next to the mayor’s room is a locked door to a bathroom that holds the Boston Shelter – Mayor’s Goodbye Holotape. Down the hall is a series of bedrooms that contain junk items and ammo in the desks and drawers. The center bedroom in the hall has the Boston Mayoral Shelter Bathroom Key in the drawers.