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How do you open the door in Labyrinthian?

How do you open the door in Labyrinthian?

This door is only opened during the College of Winterhold’s quest to find the Staff of Magnus. The Torc of Labyrinthian must first be received from Mirabelle Ervine. Upon arrival, activate the Ceremonial Door and the Torc will be applied, opening the lock and allowing entry.

What level should I be to do Labyrinthian?


Nordic Ruin: Labyrinthian (view on map) (lore page)
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 24
Undead, Skeletal Dragon, Trolls, Wispmother, Slaughterfish

What is the point of Shalidor’s maze?

Shalidor’s Maze was constructed by Arch-Mage Shalidor during the First Era in the ruins of the ancient Nordic city of Bromjunaar as a testing ground for new Archmages. The test consisted of navigating the ruins in order to reach the labyrinth and traversing the labyrinth itself, if the journey was survived.

What is the Wooden Mask for in Skyrim?

The wooden mask is unlike the other dragon priest masks. Its purpose is to gain access to the dragon priest shrine. Wearing the wooden mask within the barrow sends its wearer back to a time before the destruction of the Bromjunaar sanctuary. The central focus of the sanctuary is the restored shrine.

Where do I find Shalidor’s writings?

The book can be located in the boss-level chest of any dungeon in the game including ones added in Dawnguard and Dragonborn, meaning that your destination is randomly selected from over 140 possible dungeons.

Where are the dragon priests?

Dragon Priests Locations

Dragon mask Where to find it
Morokei Found at the Labyrinthian during the College of Winterhold questline
Otar Found at Ragnvald, north-northeast of Markarth
Nahkriin Found at Skuldafn, during the main questline
Rahgot Found at Forelhost, south-east of Riften

What happens when you get all masks in Skyrim?

There are eight masks to be found in the world, making eight Dragon Priests to be slain. If you manage to collect all eight, you will have the opportunity to get the ninth mask (Konahrik), which has its own quest tied to it. Read more on Dragon Priests for strategies on defeating these enemies.

Who was Shalidor?

Arch-Mage Shalidor, sometimes referred to as Archmagus Shalidor, was a famous Nord Archmage and powerful wizard who lived during the First Era. He created the Labyrinthian in Skyrim, the mage sanctuary of Eyevea, and his personal compound of the Fortress of Ice, near Winterhold.

Is shalidor’s maze in Skyrim worth visiting?

Shalidor’s Maze is easily one of Skyrim’s most interesting locales — this walkthrough should tell you everything you need to know to conquer it. There may be a mountain of side quests to undertake in Skyrim, but there are also many more unmarked locations that are well worth exploring and give some great backstories to both the land and its people.

Where is the entrance to shalidor’s maze?

Shalidor’s Maze is a section of Labyrinthian. Its entrance is on the east side of Labyrinthian’s outdoor ruin, on the ground level, just east of the mound-like structure containing the ruined dragon priest monument.

Where can I find dragon walls in Skyrim?

You may come across dragon walls naturally as you explore Skyrim, but if you want to locate them as a priority, you can use the list of locations below. The location of most dragon shouts in the base game will also be indicated by specific quests which are given periodically after speaking with the Greybeards at High Hrothgar.

How do you get the scroll of magelight in the maze?

Entering the maze from the beginning, you pass two shutters that contain four loose gold coins and a random filled soul gem. The path heads north to a turning to the east; here, it is barred. To the right of the bars is a shutter that contains a scroll of Magelight.