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How do you play junior roller derby?

How do you play junior roller derby?

Roller derby is played by two teams of five members simultaneously skating counterclockwise on a track. Each team designates a scoring player (the “jammer”); the other four members are “blockers.” One blocker can be designated as a “pivot” – a blocker allowed to become a jammer in the course of play.

Is there boys roller derby?

The Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is the international governing body of men’s flat track roller derby. It was founded in 2007 under the name Men’s Derby Coalition (renamed to Men’s Roller Derby Association in 2011), and currently has 75 open gender leagues under its jurisdiction.

Is roller derby an all female sport?

Roller Derby – the original female-only sport is now open to males.

How many girls are on a roller derby team?

Roller derby

Team members 15 on roster, up to 5 on track during each jam.
Type Indoor, roller sport
Equipment Roller skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouthguard
Venue Roller rink, pitch

How long is a roller derby bout?

Timing. A game lasts for 60 minutes of play, divided into two 30-minute periods with a halftime between them. Periods are broken into Jams, which are the basic unit of play for roller derby. A Jam can last up to two minutes.

What are the main positions in roller derby?

Skaters may not change positions during a Jam, except in the case of a Star Pass (see below)….2.2. Positions

  • Jammers.
  • Lead Jammer.
  • Pivot Blocker.
  • Passing the Star.
  • Blockers.

How aggressive is roller derby?

Injuries are like badges of honour. I love how playing roller derby combines physical exertion with intimacy. It’s an intense mix of violence, pain, sweat, tears, yelling, laughter, euphoria, bodies pressed together and grabbing each other and, most of all, trust.

What are roller derby players called?

Roller derby is played on an oval track. Players called “jammers” attempt to pass groups of players called “the pack.” This involves somewhat simultaneous defense and offense, resulting in a great sport to watch.

How many periods are there in roller derby?

Roller derby is a fast-paced, full-contact sport played on quad roller skates. Each game is two, 30-minute periods composed of two minute plays, or “jams.” Each team starts with four skaters playing defense (“blockers”) and one player playing offense (“jammer”).