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How do you say arrondissements?

How do you say arrondissements?

noun, plural ar·ron·disse·ments [uh-ron-dis-muhnts; French a-rawn-dees-mahn].

What is the meaning of arrondissements?

Definition of arrondissement 1 : an administrative district of some large French cities. 2 : the largest division of a French department.

Where does the word arrondissement come from?

The word arrondissement comes from the French verb arrondir (to encircle).

How many arrondissements are there?

20 arrondissements
It comprises 20 arrondissements (municipal districts), each of which has its own mayor, town hall, and particular features. The numbering begins in the heart of Paris and continues in the spiraling shape of a snail shell, ending to the far east.

What is Merais?

noun. fen [noun] an area of low marshy land often covered with water. marsh [noun] (an area of) soft wet land.

Which arrondissement is Le Marais?

3rd arrondissement
The Marais covers most of the 3rd arrondissement and half of the 4th. It stretches northwards from the right bank of the Seine, across the wide and elegant rue Saint-Antoine and rue de Rivoli and into the narrower streets that lead to Arts et Métiers and République.

How do you abbreviate arrondissement?

Paris arrondissements have other names and you might encounter locals who use the abbreviations, the historical name, or even the French name….Other Names for Paris Arrondissements.

Arrondissement 2nd Arrondissement
Abbreviations 2e (2ème)
Name Bourse
French Deuxième (II)

What does arrondissement mean in English?

Definition of arrondissement 1 : an administrative district of some large French cities 2 : the largest division of a French department Examples of arrondissement in a Sentence

What are the 5 arrondissements of Artois?

Ardennes is divided into five arrondissements: Mezieres, Rocroi, Rethel, Vouziers and Sedan, with 31 cantons and 503 communes. ARTOIS, an ancient province of the north of France, corresponding to the present department of Pas de Calais, with the exclusion of the arrondissements of Boulogne and Montrenil, which belonged to Picardy.

How many naval arrondissements are there in France?

The French coast is divided into five naval arrondissements, which have their headquarters at th.e five naval ports, of which Cherbourg, Brest, and Toulon.