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How do you search multiple tags on Tumblr 2020?

How do you search multiple tags on Tumblr 2020?

How To Search Multiple Tags

  1. Step 1: Enter the first tag you want to search.
  2. Step 2: Then type a comma at the end of the first tag that you’ve entered.
  3. Step 3: Repeat the process as many times as you like to enter multiple tags and to search for posts with all the specified tags.

How do you link multiple posts on Tumblr?

In the Link to field, add the URL for the specific tagged posts you want to link to. Add /tagged/mytag to the end of your blog URL, replacing mytag with the tag you want to use. For tags with multiple words, use between each word (i.e., /tagged/bubble tea ).

How do you edit multiple tags on Tumblr?

Tumblr has a special area called the Mass Post Editor (MPE), where you may select (and unselect) multiple published posts to add or edit tags, or delete selected posts. Open the Mass Post Editor by clicking the Mass Post Editor button on your blog’s sidebar.

How do you add multiple hashtags on Tumblr?

Tagging your posts

  1. You don’t need to put a tag in quotes or start with a hash symbol (#).
  2. Hit enter to separate each tag.
  3. Only the first 20 tags on a post will show up in searches. After that, you’re just tagging for show.
  4. Tags on Tumblr can have spaces in them. They are the most legible tags on the internet. Hooray!

Can you search multiple tags on Instagram?

Yes, you can search for two hashtags on Instagram. Just separate the hashtags with a comma. For example, if you want to search for #coffee and #cafe, type #coffee#cafe into the Instagram search bar.

How do you search multiple tags on twitter?

If you want to track more than one hashtag in the same search, you can use the Twitter search operator “OR”. For example, searching #WTM17 OR #WorldTravelMarket in either Twitter’s search bar or Twilert, would give you a single feed of any tweets that contain either one of those hashtags.

How do I make a redirect link on Tumblr?

Enter a suitable page URL in the first field, which can be anything you like — “” (without quotes), for example. Enter the URL you wish to link to in the “Redirect to” field, and then tick the “Show a link to this page” box and provide a suitable label, such as “My other blog.”

How do you link things on Tumblr?

  1. Open a Web browser and log in to your Tumblr dashboard. Click a post you want to edit or click the “New Post” button to create a new post.
  2. Type the text you want to use to create the hyperlink.
  3. Click the “Link” icon at the top of the posting editor.
  4. Type your URL in the opened dialog window.

How many tags can you use on Tumblr?

Tumblr lets you add up to 30 tags to a post, but *only the first 20 tags* work. For original posts, Tumblr’s search indexes the first 20 tags. On your blog’s individual search, the first 20 tags work on both original posts and reblogs. And tag pages rely on the first five tags for original posts.

How do I follow a blog on Tumblr?

A blog is only followable by email if it has the Let people find your blogs through this address. setting enabled on Required? Returns 200: OK (blog successfully unfollowed) or a 404 (if the blog was not found)

Is there a Content-Type header for Tumblr’s post IDs?

Note that the Content-Type header must be set accordingly, and the absence of a Content-Type header may result in unexpected behavior. Please note that Tumblr’s Post IDs are 64-bit integers. Some languages, like Javascript, don’t handle 64-bit numbers very well.

How many blogs can I follow on Tumblr at once?

A blog can only follow 5,000 other blogs at a time. A blog can only have 300 queued posts at a time. You can only filter up to 1,000 tags at a time. If you run into problems with the Tumblr API, please use our official support form to request help. These docs include some working examples.

What is the default content format for posts returned from Tumblr?

By default, posts returned from this endpoint (and any other endpoint that returns posts) will be in the legacy post-type-based content formats described below. NPF-created posts from the official Tumblr mobile apps will be returned as text/regular posts to maintain backwards compatibility.