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How do you size a pile cap?

How do you size a pile cap?

Wrap a length of string around the top of your pile (where a piling cap would go), and mark the length of the string (or cut it). Measure the string and then divide that number (the circumference) by 3.14159 (pi) to get the diameter of your pile.

How is a column connected to a pile cap?

The union of the superstructure through socket, in the pile cap is accomplished by embedding a part of column (embedded length) in an opening of the foundation element that enables its holder. Usually the socket is built on the block, but is also used pile caps with embedded or partially embedded socket.

How is pile cap reinforcement calculated?

Number of bar (12 ф @ 125 c/c) = [Length of bar / Spacing] + 1 = [4000 / 125] + 1 = 33 nos. Number of bar (12 @ 125 c/c) = [Length of bar / Spacing] + 1 = [2000 / 125] + 1 = 17 nos….How To Make BBS Of Pile Foundation & Pile Cap – LCETED.

Length No vertical rods used in piles Diameter of steel
0 to -12 m 16nos 25Ø

What is the minimum thickness of pile cap?

Generally, its thickness should not be less than 500mm which may be reduced to 300mm at the free edges. 6. The piles should atleast 50mm into the pile cap.

How is pile cap depth calculated?

Worked Example: Design of Pile Cap consider 150mm offset from the pile and space between piles as 2.5 times pile diameter. Effective depth, d = 1000-50-20/2 = 940 mm > 750mm; (2.5×600/2) Ok. The critical section of the pile shall be considered as 20% of the diameter of the pile inside of the face of the pile.

How do you design a pile?

Key factors to be considered in the pile foundations design are summarised as follows.

  1. Evaluate the geotechnical capacity and structural capacity of the pile and take the less as pile capacity.
  2. Divide pile capacity by the applied load (column load or applied load; serviceability limit state) to find the number of piles.

Is pile cap required for single pile?

A single piled cap may be required if your column is high strength concrete and your pile is comparatively low strength concrete.

What is development length in pile cap?

The development length ‘Ld’ is provided outside of the column piercing into the pile cap. The anchorage length to the recommended amount is provided to the bottom of the column as shown in figure-2. From the Figure: Length of Pile = 20m. Diameter of Pile = 0.6m.

How do you calculate pile cap excavation?

To get the surface area ( A) of the pile cap, we have to deduct the area of triangles AEF & GDH from the rectangle area. = 0.5 × base × height. = [ ( 1/2 ×2m. ) – (1/2 × 0.6m. )]

How do you make pile caps?

How do you make a pile cap?

Pile caps are constructed by excavating an area around the group of piles to enable formwork to be inserted. The pile tops may be trimmed to ensure they are at the same height. A reinforcement cage is then built and positioned in the formwork cast box and fastened to the piles.