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How do you synthesize spiro compounds?

How do you synthesize spiro compounds?

A one-pot route for the synthesis of spiro-isobenzofuran compounds was developed via the condensation reaction of ninhydrin with 4-amino-1,2-naphthoquinones or 2-amino-1,4-naphthoquinones in acetic acid followed by the oxidative cleavage of the corresponding vicinal diols at room temperature.

What are spiro compounds give an example?

Two examples of spiro compound nomenclature, A. 1-bromo-3-chlorospiro[4.5]decan-7-ol, and B. 1-bromo-3-chlorospiro[3.6]decan-7-ol.

What is the difference between spiro and bicyclic?

If two rings share two or more atoms, then the structure is called a bicyclic compound. If the two rings share a single atom, then the structure is called a spirocyclic compound.

What does spirocyclic mean?

Definition of spirocyclic : having flower parts in a spiral arrangement that changes phyletically to a cyclic arrangement.

What are ANSA compounds?

An ansa-metallocene is a type of organometallic compound containing two cyclopentadienyl ligands that are linked by a bridging group such that both cyclopentadienyl groups are bound to the same metal.

What is Cumulene system?

A cumulene is a hydrocarbon with three or more cumulative (consecutive) double bonds. They are analogous to allenes, only having a more extensive chain. The simplest molecule in this class is butatriene (H 2C=C=C=CH 2), which is also called simply cumulene.

Is biphenyl a gas?

Biphenyl appears as a clear colorless liquid with a pleasant odor.

Is Naphthalene a bicyclic compound?

It has a role as a volatile oil component, a plant metabolite, an environmental contaminant, a carcinogenic agent, a mouse metabolite and an apoptosis inhibitor. It is an ortho-fused bicyclic arene and a member of naphthalenes.

What is a bicyclic system?

Bicyclic Systems. 31.1 – Saturated alicyclic hydrocarbon systems consisting of two rings only, having two or more atoms in common, take the name of an open chain hydrocarbon containing the same total number of carbon atoms preceded by the prefix “bicyclo-“.

What is spiro in English?

1. a combining form meaning “respiration,” used in the formation of compound words: spirograph.

Which of the following compound is spiro?

The name of the compound is spiro[5.4]decane.

What is a spiro compound?

A spiro compound, or spirane, from the Latin spīra, meaning a twist or coil, : 1138 is a chemical compound, typically an organic compound, that presents a twisted structure of two or more rings (a ring system), in which 2 or 3 rings are linked together by one common atom, : SP-0 examples of which are shown at right.

Some spiro compounds can be synthesized using the Pinacol-pinacolone rearrangement; : 985 for example, spiro [4.5]decane (final compound in following two line scheme) can be synthesized from symmetric 1,2-diols of the sort shown below [e.g., this route’s starting material, (1,1′-bicyclopentyl)-1,1′-diol ].

What is a heterocyclic spiro product?

The heterocyclic spiro product, at right of arrow, is a common ketal ( acetal) structure prepared from a monocyclic type of ketone and a generally acyclic type of diol (both at left of arrow). The schematic is for the synthesis of the protected 1,4-dioxaspiro [4.5]decane from cyclohexanone and the alcohol, ethanediol.

Do all spiro compounds exhibit axial chirality?

Some spiro compounds exhibit axial chirality. Spiroatoms can be the origin of chirality even when they lack the required four different substituents normally observed in chirality.