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How do you use a Dimplex oil heater?

How do you use a Dimplex oil heater?

Plug in the heater and set switches to give full heat output. Turn thermostat knob fully clockwise to high position for maximum heat output to warm the room rapidly.

How do I set the timer on my Dimplex electric heater?

The heater must be connected to the electricity supply for the timer to operate. Set the timer by rotating the dial clockwise until the correct time of day is indicated opposite the datum mark (located at centre front of the timer – see Fig. 5). Set the timer switch to position.

How do I reset my Dimplex oil heater?

There is no reset but it does show changes to the timer if needed. Hi Heather F. You need to charge the batteries in the timer so that your heater works. Please follow instructions below.

How do you unlock a Dimplex heater?

To lock the controls press and hold both the Back button and Enter for three seconds. Child Lock will appear at the bottom of the screen. To unlock the control repeat the action by pressing both the Back button and Enter for three seconds.

How do you set a Dimplex radiator?

To set the temperature you require, turn the thermostat knob clockwise until the required setting is reached. Alternatively to heat a cold room quickly, turn the thermostat knob up fully. When the room has reached the desired temperature, turn the thermostat knob anti-clockwise until the thermostat just clicks off.

Why is my electric radiator not getting hot?

CAUSE: The most common cause for electric heater not working is blown fuses. SOLUTION: To check this, first unplug the device and check the fuse box of the house for blown fuses as well as tripped circuit breakers.

Why is my oil heater not working?

Possible causes: Causes could include a dirty furnace, the wrong nozzle, poor ductwork, a blower motor in need of lubricating, pressure originating from the oil pump or the furnace size not being appropriate for your property. Possible solutions: Check the condition of the furnace and clean it if you need to.

Why is my Dimplex storage heater not working?

Most common reasons why a storage heater stops working completely is due to a faulty storage heater thermostat or a blown element. Dimplex suggest if you are a competent user comfortable taking off the front panel you may check to see if the thermostat is the cause of the problem (see below) to see if it can be fixed.