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How do you use incoherence in a sentence?

How do you use incoherence in a sentence?

1. Because she was tired and couldn’t get her thoughts together, the woman’s confusing speech was shadowed by incoherence. 2. Disorganization within the school system caused an air of incoherence that made it difficult for the teachers to get on the same page.

What is a synonym for incoherence?

Find another word for incoherence. In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for incoherence, like: nonsense, arbitrariness, irrationality, incomprehensibility, solipsism, rambling, unintelligibility, incongruity, uncertainty, incoherency and coherence.

What is incoherence in psychology?

n. inability to express oneself in a clear and orderly manner, most commonly manifested as disjointed and unintelligible speech. This may be an expression of disorganized and impaired thinking.

What does it mean when a person is not coherent?

Incoherent means that something is difficult to understand because it’s not holding together. A lot of people use incoherent to mean unintelligible, which is a perfectly fine usage. But it specifically means unintelligible due to a lack of cohesion, or sticking together.

What is coherent thinking?

1 capable of logical and consistent speech, thought, etc. 2 logical; consistent and orderly. 3 cohering or sticking together.

Is Incohesive a word?

Definition of incohesive in the English dictionary The definition of incohesive in the dictionary is lacking in unity; not fitting together smoothly.

What is the meaning of incoherence?

Kids Definition of incoherence : the quality or state of not being connected in a clear or logical way : the quality or state of being incoherent

What is incoherence by Hammill?

Incoherence is a concept album about language, containing 14 tracks with soft transitions between them. The album was produced and played by Hammill himself, with contributions from Stuart Gordon on violin and David Jackson on flute and saxes.

What is cohesion?

coherence, coherency, cohesion, cohesiveness- the state of cohering or sticking together 2. incoherence- nonsense that is simply incoherent and unintelligible

What was the incoherence of Biden’s response to the criticism?

The incoherence of his response left reporters wondering what he could have meant. The incoherence of the criticism makes it harder to respond. There is a confusing incoherence to the nation’s foreign policy. He fell into a semi-consciousness and incoherence. The piece was so long that few people listened closely or noticed its incoherence.