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How do you use the Mercedes Comand system?

How do you use the Mercedes Comand system?

How to Use the COMAND® Mercedes-Benz Navigation System

  1. Pressing the voice activation button on your steering wheel and saying “Enter Destination”
  2. Speak the address aloud when prompted, and the navigation system will confirm the address, and you can correct destination. If correct, say yes.

How do I play Itunes in my Mercedes?

How to stream music from your iPhone / iPad / Android in a Mercedes

  1. Find the 30-pin iPod cable.
  2. Plug the 30-pin iPod cable into the Bluetooth adapters that you have purchased.
  3. Turn ignition to position II and turn on the COMAND head unit.
  4. Go to “Settings” menu on your Android / iPhone / iPod/ iPad and select Bluetooth.

What is Mercedes music streaming?

Thanks to streaming, your favourite songs are always available – now also directly via the MBUX multimedia system. Through your chosen music streaming provider* you can listen to your playlists and the entire music library. The music services are perfectly integrated into the familiar environment of your Mercedes-Benz.

Does 2019 Mercedes have CD player?

If a richer experience is desired, 26 speakers powered by 1190 watts is optional along with a CD player.

Does Mercedes-Benz have a CD player?

2020 E 350 Sedan Accessories CD drive for all current music formats, fully integrated into the operating logic of your vehicle. Artist, album, title and cover art image are shown on your central display. Discreetly installed in the glove compartment to protect from prying eyes.

How do I play music from my iPhone to my Mercedes Bluetooth?

How to connect my iPhone to my Mercedes-Benz

  1. Go to Settings on your phone.
  2. Find the Bluetooth setting and make sure it is on.
  3. Start your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, press the “TEL” key on the radio, then select “Phone”
  4. On the lower left of the screen, press “Connect Dev”

How do I activate Mercedes online music?

Log in now with your Mercedes me ID to activate the Online Music service. This Mercedes me connect service is available for vehicles with the MBUX multimedia system. An active Mercedes me connect user account is required for use.

Can you get Spotify on Mercedes?

Enjoy your favorite Spotify music easily with MBUX Entertainment (MercedesMe service) in your vehicle. Availability depends on the vehicle model and may vary at any time. MBUX Entertainment requires an active internet connection.