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How far ahead is Estonia time?

How far ahead is Estonia time?

Estonia is 7 hours ahead of New York.

What is Estonia time zone in GMT?

GMT + 2 hours
Estonia is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours.

What country has the same time zone as Estonia?

Israel is the same time as Estonia.

What timezone does Estonia use?

Eastern European Time
Only 1 nationwide time zone

UTC +2
Standard time: Eastern European Time (EET)
Daylight saving time: Eastern European Summertime (EEST)

Where is Estonia now?

Situated in northeastern Europe, Estonia juts out into the Baltic Sea, which surrounds the country to the north and west. To the east Estonia is bounded by Russia—predominantly by the Narva River and Lakes Peipus (Peipsi; Russian: Chudskoye Ozero), Tyoploye, and Pskov—and to the south it is bounded by Latvia.

Which GMT is Tallinn?

Time difference to GMT/UTC

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +3 hours
Time zone abbreviation: EEST

How much time is it in Estonia?

Current Local Time in Locations in Estonia with Links for More Information (10 Locations)
Rakvere * Thu 12:48 pm
Tallinn * Thu 12:48 pm
Tartu * Thu 12:48 pm
Viljandi * Thu 12:48 pm

What country owns Estonia?

Estonia remained a Soviet republic until 1991, when, along with the other Baltic states, it declared its independence. The Soviet Union recognized independence for Estonia and the other Baltic states on September 6, 1991, and United Nations membership followed shortly thereafter.

Which country is Tallinn?

Tallinn, Russian Tallin, German Reval, formerly (until 1918) Revel, city, capital of Estonia, on Tallinn Bay of the Gulf of Finland.

How do I search Tallinn for free?

Use the satellite view, narrow down your search interactively, save to PDF to get a free printable Tallinn plan. Click this icon on the map to see the satellite view, which will dive in deeper into the inner workings of Tallinn.

What to do in Tallinn?

Watch Tallinn’s home team play in the stadium for a nice evening out filled with good food and lots of emotions. However, whenever you are in the mood for a more dynamic activity, there are a number of different parks, athletic fields, and golf courses that you can visit.

What is the currency used in Estonia?

The capital city of this small country is Tallinn, its official language is Estonian and the population of this nation is approximately 1.3 million. In 2004 Estonia joined both NATO and the European Union. The currency used in Estonia is the Euro (EUR).