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How high is the top of The Shard?

How high is the top of The Shard?

The Shard is 306 metres tall, however if you measure all the way up to the tip, it’s 310 metres, easily making it Western Europe’s tallest building. The viewing platform at The View from The Shard ascends to 244 metres, offering unparalleled views over London for up to 40 miles.

Does The Shard light up at night?

But while this was temporary for many buildings, the Shard has kept going with the supportive tradition. The top 20 floors of the 310 metre building (the part also known as the spire) lights up in an electric blue colour every night.

Why does The Shard light up?

This follows last year’s display, which was designed to show gratitude to all NHS staff and key workers across the UK for their tireless work to keep the nation safe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Shard Lights 2021 will extend this thanks, acknowledging the indispensable work done by all the emergency services.

Is Shard taller than Empire State?

Skyscrapers. The Shard is the largest skyscraper in the United Kingdom and seventh largest building in Europe. The Empire State building is currently the seventh-largest tower in New York City and the ninth tallest in the United States. Skyscrapers are typically defined as being over 150m and are continuously habitable …

What is above floor 72 of The Shard?

The glass-clad pyramidal tower has 72 habitable floors, with a viewing gallery and open-air observation deck on the 72nd floor, at a height of 244 metres (801 ft).

What is the highest floor at The Shard?

Level 71-72
Level 71-72 is an open air platform, which means guests are open to the elements (probably rain), this is the highest point in London that the general public can access and is 288 metres above the ground. The attraction has 2 gift shops where you can buy a range of shard and London related items.

Why is The Shard lit up blue?

The top 20 storeys of The Shard are lit blue in recognition of all the wonderful NHS staff and key workers who have kept the country safe during the pandemic and continue to do so.

Why is The Shard blue?

Last Thursday, when Londoners came out in force to Clap for Our Carers, some of the city’s most visible and iconic landmarks lit up in ‘NHS Blue’ to show their support for our healthcare heroes. Now the tallest of them all is keeping that look at night for the foreseeable.

Why is The Shard flashing?

In a statement, the organisers have said they want the lights to encourage “Londoners to look up and reflect on the relationships with loved ones that are so important during the festive season”, which is a nice reason to have them there, isn’t it.

Is the Eiffel Tower higher than the Shard?

Admittedly, the title for Europe’s highest tower is open for debate. At 308 metres the Shard is widely quoted as now being the tallest building in Europe. But while the main body of the Eiffel Tower is only 300 metres tall, it stands at 324 metres once you add the base and television antenna.

Will London get a taller building than the Shard?

London’s second tallest tower has been given the go-ahead after a three-year battle. The 1,000ft skyscraper – dubbed The Trellis – will be topped only by The Shard, which is 17ft taller. Standing at 73 storeys and located between The Gherkin and The Cheesegrater, it will also be the second-highest in Western Europe.

What floor is bar 31 at The Shard?

ground floor
Set on the ground floor, Bar 31 is the most casual of the Shard restaurants – a swanky sports bar meets New York Deli.