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How long is a guitalele?

How long is a guitalele?


General Specifications
Scale Length 433 mm (17″)
Body Length 319 mm (12 9/16″)
Total Length 698 mm (27 1/2″)

Is the Yamaha guitalele good?

Overall, the Yamaha GL1 guitalele is not the best guitar-ukelele hybrid out there, but it is definitely a decent one. The small body does not deliver a lot of oomph, but it projects pretty well. If you want to get the full ukelele experience, we suggest getting a purebred ukelele.

Is a guitalele a small guitar?

Guitar vs Guitalele Guitar is larger than a guitalele. Guitalele is smaller than a guitar, but larger than a ukulele. Strings of a guitar may be made from nylon or metal.

How big is the Yamaha guitalele?

In January 1997, Yamaha Corporation came out with its version, the GL-1 Guitalele. Its dimensions are: scale length (nut to saddle) 432 mm (17″); nut width 47.6 mm (17⁄8″); body length 698 mm (27 1⁄2″); body width 229 mm (9″); body depth 71.4 mm (2 13⁄16″).

What size is a guitarlele?

While your standard guitar is usually between 36 and 40 inches long, most guitarleles are about the size of a tenor ukulele, so about 26 inches in total length. This means a lot of things.

Is guitalele hard to learn?

The guitalele has some qualities that are good for beginners. For instance, its smaller size and nylon strings typically make this instrument easier for beginners. However, you can find these qualities in a less than full-size classical guitar which can be even better for a beginner.

Is it hard to learn guitalele?

What is the tuning on a Yamaha GL1 guitalele?

The guitalele’s tuning is pitched up to “A” (or up a 4th) at A/D/G/C/E/A. Includes a free soft case gig bag. . . . Introducing the Yamaha GL1 Guitalele, now officially available for the first time in the USA! Half guitar, half ukulele…100% fun.

How big is a GL1 ukulele?

Physically, the GL1 is about the size of a standard tenor ukulele, albeit with a wider fingerboard and neck to accommodate the two additional lower strings. The construction is impressively well made for a relatively lower-priced instrument, although you could describe the appearance as somewhat plain.

What is the size of the GL1 gigbag?

Manufactured: Indonesia Model Numbers: GL1 / GL1 BK / GL1 PB / GL1 TBS Accessories: Gigbag Back & Sides: Meranti Laminate (aka Lauan or Philippine Mahogany) Body Depth: 2 13/16” / 7cm Body Width: 9” / 22. 9cm Bridge: Sonokeling Colors: Natural / Black / Persimmon Brown / Tobacco Sunburst.

Is the Yamaha GL1 good for chordal playing?

To Yamaha’s credit, they’ve managed to design the GL1 in such a way that it has a very pleasant timbre, with good sustaining qualities, making it ideal for chordal playing.