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How long is the program at Aviation Institute of Maintenance?

How long is the program at Aviation Institute of Maintenance?

21 months to 2.1 years
About Aviation Institute of Maintenance This school offers 2 programs which provide training for 1 qualification , including Airframe and Powerplant License. Time to complete this education training ranges from 21 months to 2.1 years, depending on the qualification.

Do you need to be good at math to be an aircraft mechanic?

As an aircraft mechanic, you have to work on any component of the aircraft — airframe, flight controls, engines, landing gear, avionics, and more. There are a lot of different areas of physics involved. So, you need to be proficient with the maths that corresponds with these topics.

Where is the Aviation Institute of Maintenance?

And Atlanta’s nightlife is definitely on the cutting edge. If you are looking for aviation schools in GA, make sure you check out Aviation Institute of Maintenance. AIM’s new aircraft technician school campus sits less than 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, GA in the city of Duluth.

How do you become an aircraft mechanic?

To be qualified to work as an AMT, you must graduate from an FAA-approved school for maintenance or gain at least 18 months of on-the-job experience working on either Airframes or Powerplants. If you want both certifications, you need at least 30 months of experience on both Airframes and Powerplants.

What degree do you get from Aviation Institute of Maintenance?

The Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology program provides a graduate with the education and practical skills needed for a position in today’s aviation industry.

Is Aviation Institute of Maintenance accredited?

Aviation Institute of Maintenance currently has 14 aviation maintenance schools licensed by the FAA and are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) in 11 states.

What degree do you need to work on airplanes?

A college degree isn’t required for this occupation, although most aircraft mechanics obtain at least 18 months of training from an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician school. Associate and bachelor’s degree programs are available in disciplines related to aviation technology and management.

What type of school is Aviation Institute of Maintenance?

Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) operates thirteen (13) FAA approved airframe and powerplant schools throughout the country. Students are training to earn their FAA Mechanic’s Certificate with a rating in Airframe and Powerplant.

How many years does it take to become an aircraft mechanic?

You must take and pass five courses. Each course is approximately 3 to 4 months in length, so the entire aircraft mechanic program takes approximately 14 to 18 months to complete. This requires you to attend school 5 days per week (Monday through Friday) for 6 hours a day. Each course requires 450 hours of class time.

Is Aim a college?

As a dual mission school, AIM is also a center for educational excellence and professional development to disseminate best practices to educators by providing access to the latest research-based curriculum, technology, and training. Founded in 2006 with 24 students grades 2-7. 2016-2017 enrollment grades 1-12: 311.