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How long should my concrete anchor be?

How long should my concrete anchor be?

As a rule of thumb, the space for the nut and washer is equal to the diameter of the wedge anchor being used. For example, if a 2×4 is being fastened to concrete with a 1/2” wedge anchor then the minimum length of wedge anchor would be 1-1/2”(2×4) + 2-1/4”(minimum embedment) + 1/2”(space for nut and washer) = 4-1/4”.

What size drill bit should I use for a 3/8 concrete anchor?

The correct drill bit size for a 3/8″ wedge anchor is 3/8″. In this case, the bit size is the exact same as the anchoring diameter.

What is the strongest anchor for concrete?

Wedge anchors
Wedge anchors are typically the strongest anchors, but not every application requires a heavy-duty anchor. Some will do just fine with a plastic wall anchor or a nail-in version.

What size anchor do I need for a 3/8 hole?

The minimum hole in the fixture for the 3/8″ x 3″ (three inches) Wedge Anchor Zinc Plated is 1/2″.

How much weight can a 3/8 wedge anchor hold?

Technical Specifications for Wedge Anchors

Size Minimum Embedment Pull-Out (lbs.)
5/16” 1-1/8” 892
3/8” 1-1/2” 1223
1/2” 2-1/4” 2999
5/8” 2-3/4” 3749

How far should anchor be from edge of concrete?

Rule: Mechanical type anchors should not be set a minimum of 5 anchor diameters from an unsupported edge. Explanation: If set too close to an unsupported edge, the outward pressure of the concrete anchor will decrease the holding value of the anchor or make it non-existent.

What is the difference between a concrete fastener and a concrete anchor?

A concrete fastener of any type only holds as well as the base material in which it has been fastened. In most cases, the base material gives out, not the anchor itself. When properly set, the concrete fastener pulled to the ultimate load capacity of the anchor will pull out the base material adhered to the anchor.

How much weight will a 3/8 drop in anchor hold?

The 3/8″ Drop-In Anchor Zinc Plated is now set. A 3/8″ diameter threaded rod or a bolt can be inserted into it with a maximum torque of 10 ft. lbs….Products specifications.

Bit Size 1/2″
Thread Length 5/8″
Thread Type 3/8″ – 16
2000 PSI Concrete – Pull-Out (lbs.) * 1170
Type Female