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How many Noragami OVAS are there?

How many Noragami OVAS are there?


Episodes 12 + 2 OVA
Anime television series
Noragami Aragoto
Directed by Kotaro Tamura

When did Noragami season 2 come out?

The anime’s second season, Noragami Aragoto (ノラガミ ARAGOTO), was announced March 2015 by Kodansha. The series aired between October 2, 2015 and December 25, 2015.

Why is Noragami called Noragami?

Noragami literally means “stray god” (according to Wikipedia) so something 神. So what’s the 漢字 for “stray”/nora? Nora the character is 野良 (“wild good”), but not sure if that’s the same as the “nora” in noragami (probs is, but that doesn’t mean “stray”). If it is, then noragami is 野良神… but just checking!

How popular is Noragami?

Noragami is a popular urban fantasy manga that burst out onto the scene on December 6, 2010 in the Japanese magazine Monthly Shounen Magazine. Since its debut in Japan and when it hit the airwaves on January 5, 2014, the series has garnered a large fan base that is thirsting for a third season.

Does Noragami have 132 episodes?

Yes, the Noragami anime series has ended for now. Originally airing with a set of 132 episodes in 2014, a second season called Noragami Aragoto began airing in 2015 with 13 episodes. However, there have been rumors that the anime series will indeed return for a third season.

What is Yato real name?

Yato’s actual name is Yaboku, “Yato” being a name that a previous Regalia mistakenly gave him due to a kanji mix-up. He has been using the name ever since.

Who is Yato’s father?

English voice. Father ( 父 とと 様 さま , Toto-sama) is the main antagonist of Noragami, as well as Yato and Nora’s parent. He is a human returned from the Underworld who became a Crafter with the ability to control ayakashi.