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How many Taluks are there in Salem District?

How many Taluks are there in Salem District?

Salem District is one of the 38 districts of Tamil Nadu state in southern India….

Salem District
Headquarters Salem
Taluks Attur, Gangavalli, Idappadi, Kadayampatti, Mettur, Omalur, Peddanayakkan Palayam, Salem, Salem South, Salem West, Sankagiri, Vazhapadi, Yercaud
• Type District

What is Tehsil for Salem?

Attur is the largest taluka in salem district covering area of 1166.02 km² while Edappadi is the smallest taluka in salem district covering area of 317.64 km². Salem is the most populous whereas Yercaud is the least populous taluka in salem district.

How many blocks are in Salem District?

20 blocks
The district is divided into 11 taluks and 20 blocks. The various taluks are as follows: Salem, Salem East, Salem West, Valapady, Attur, Gangavalli, Sankari, Idappadi, Mettur, Omalur and Yercaud.

What is the old name of Salem?

The settlement was first titled Naumkeag, but the settlers preferred to call it Salem, derived from the Hebrew word for peace.

How many panchayats are there in Salem?

30 Town Panchayats
Salem district consists of 1 Municipal Corporation, 6 Municipalities and 30 Town Panchayats.

Who is the MLA of Salem?

Salem North Assembly constituency

Salem (North)
Current MLA R. Rajendran
Party DMK
Elected year 2021

What is block in Salem District?

Blocks List of Salem. A block is sub division of a district. The main purpose of the block is rural development departments and Panchayati Raj institutes. For cities, the Indian government has created the similar arrangement under the urban development department.

How many blocks are there in Tamilnadu?

Developmental administration of Tamil Nadu is carried out by Panchayat Unions or blocks in rural areas of Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India….Developmental administration.

Urban Municipalities 4
Town Panchayats 12
Rural Number of Blocks 8
Number of Panchayat Villages 359
Blocks Acharapakkam

How many MLA are there in Salem?

Salem North Assembly constituency

Salem (North)
Total electors 2,76,022
Member of Legislative Assembly
Current MLA R. Rajendran
Party DMK

Who is the king of Salem Tamil Nadu?


3rd Century B.C. The period of Bogar – a notable Tamil Siddhar. Arrival of Buddhism and Jainism in Salem.
15th Century A .D. The Chalukya rule. Rise of Palyakarars.
16th Century A.D. Rule of Madurai Nayakars. Rule of Emperor Krishnadheva Raya in part of Salem including Attur.

How many municipalities are there in Salem?


How many constituency are there in Salem?

Current list of constituencies

No. Constituency District
81 Gangavalli Salem
82 Attur
83 Yercaud
84 Omalur

Which are the taluk’s of Salem district in India?

India»Taluk’s of Salem District Taluk’s of Salem District TALUK’s:              1. ATTUR              2. METTUR              3. OMALUR              4. SANKARI             5. VAZHAPADI             6. EDAPADDI Latest Announcements Official Memorandum – Bar Association Functioning – Dated 12.11.2021

What are the taluks in Tamil Nadu?

Taluks 1 Salem 2 Salem West 3 Salem South 4 Yercaud 5 Gangavalli 6 Attur 7 Pethanaickenpalayam 8 Valapady 9 Sankari 10 Edapadi

How are the sub divisions of a taluk divided?

The sub divisions are divided into Taluks. The Tahsildhar is vested with taluk magisterial powers. Each Taluk is divided into many firkas and with in each firka is divided into many revenue villages.