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How much does a Tobii Eye Gaze cost?

How much does a Tobii Eye Gaze cost?

Priced at $150, the Tobii 4C is the first affordable eye-tracking system. The earliest eye-tracking contraption was invented in 1908 by Edmund Huey. Participants in his study wore contact lenses with a marking to serve as a pointer to track eye movement.

What is the Tobii eye tracker used for?

Using an eye tracker lets computers understand what gamers are looking at. Eye tracking technology adds to the gameplay experience by allowing you to use your natural eye movements as an additional input in gaming, complementing keyboards, mice and gamepads.

Can you use Tobii eye tracker with laptop?

Complete 4 missions and level up with your Eye Tracker 4C or EyeX with your Windows PC, laptop or monitor. Learn how to install the Tobii Eye Tracker drivers and tools for your Tobii Eye Tracker 4C on your Windows PC or laptop and how to get started with setup and using the power of your eyes in your gaming device.

Does tobii work in the dark?

It works in both light and dark environments. Avoid strong direct light on the tracker and in your eyes.

When should you use eye tracking?

Eye tracking has been used a lot to investigate reading. If someone lingers on a word that they are reading, most likely they are having to think about it more. That can be used to puzzle out the answer to all sorts of questions.

Do you need a camera for eye tracking?

Webcam eye-tracking utilizes an inbuilt or external camera affixed on a monitor or laptop to collect data on where a person is looking. This method doesn’t use specialized cameras or infrared beams, but rather it uses the image produced from the webcam.

How much does Tobii Pro Spectrum cost?

The Tobii, including the software, is around $32.000. Taking cost, accuracy and functionality (of the software) into account, what would be recommended to go with?