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How much does employment visa cost in Sharjah?

How much does employment visa cost in Sharjah?

UAE Work Permit fees Level A: AED 600. Level B: AED 1,500. Level C: AED 2,000.

How much is visa stamping in Sharjah?

AED 410/-
Cost (Rates are subject to change)

Visa Issue AED 360/-
Issuing Visa Inside country AED 660/-
Visa Stamping AED 410/-
Status Change AED 510/-
Emirates ID card processing fee AED 400/-

How can I get Sharjah entry permit?

You can apply for entry permits or visas through the website of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA), the eChannel for residency and citizenship….Apply online for UAE visa

  1. GDRFA Duba‪i‬ on Google Play and App Store.
  2. ICA eChannels on Google Play and App Store.
  3. Dubai Now on Google Play and App Store.

What is the cost of Labour card?

Dubai: Some companies will have to pay only Dh300 to renew a two-year labour card while others will have to pay Dh5,000 for a similar transaction, according to the new fee structure based on the recently announced company classification system.

How much does a work visa cost a company?

In general, a visa sponsorship costs approximately $4000 but may cost $8-9,000 if a company has more than fifty employees and 50% of those employees are foreign nationals….How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor a Visa?

Visa/Form Cost
Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee $500

How much is 3 months visit visa in UAE?

AED 1999. The 90 days multiple entry visa allows you to travel in and out of the UAE multiple times for a period of 90 days. If you have urgent business in Dubai and in other countries in the Middle East, this visa will be a helpline.

Can I enter Sharjah with Dubai visa?

Kindly be informed that Effective Monday 30th August 2021 Passengers holding UAE Resident and Tourist Visas are allowed to travel to Sharjah .

Is return permit required for Sharjah?

Return permit to Sharjah Obtaining approval from the ICA is not required to enter Sharjah.